80%of pregnant mothers will encounter pregnancy vomiting, teach you 5 to relieve tricks!Pregnant mother learned early

Pregnancy is a symptom that many pregnant mothers appear in the early days of pregnancy. Generally, pregnancy vomiting appears in the first three months after pregnancy. When pregnant, it also affects the normal life of pregnant mothers.

Pregnant vomiting does not appear every pregnant mother, but 80%of pregnant mothers will appear more or less.

At present, there is no accurate explanation for pregnancy vomiting, especially severe pregnancy vomiting.Why do pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy?How to relieve it?

Xiaobai and her husband have been married for three years, and good news came from the end not long ago. Xiaobai was pregnant.

Xiaobai’s pregnancy was very difficult at first, and early pregnancy was particularly obvious.And Xiaobai after pregnancy, the sense of smell is particularly sensitive. When I go out and smells the taste that I do n’t like or smells the smell of cooking, I especially want to vomit.

Not only that, since Xiao Bai’s pregnancy, Xiaobai’s mother prepares "Dajin Decoction" every day, changing her soup every day for Xiaobai, and a sip of Xiaobai, but Xiaobai’s mother insisted that the soup is right.Good health is good for children.

As the saying goes, "Pepsi filial piety is the first", although Xiaobai felt that these soups not only did not play a role in supplementing their bodies, but instead made themselves aggravated, they still insisted on drinking every day.

Because of the severe pregnancy, Xiaobai asked the doctor during the pregnancy test. The doctor said, "Pregnancy is normal, and 80%of pregnant mothers will encounter. Eat more foods you like to eat in the early pregnancy, which can relieve pregnancy.During the growth and development period, Dasha Decoction does not play a special effect. "

After listening to the doctor, Xiaobai’s mother did not insist that Xiaobai drink soup every day.

The research report shows that severe pregnancy vomiting is related to genetic, pregnant mothers have a strong pregnancy response during pregnancy, and their daughter will have three times the possibility of pregnancy reaction in the future.

Three reasons for pregnancy after pregnancy rising hormone levels in pregnant mothers: The most common is that the changes in gonadotropins in human chorionic gonads are related to pregnancy vomiting.The sensitivity of the sense of smell during pregnancy has increased: smelling the smell of oil fume or dislike, so that the pregnant mother will want to vomit.The gastrointestinal of the pregnant mother becomes sensitive and fragile: pregnant vomiting can make the pregnant mother’s appetite worse, causing digestive problems, flatulence, constipation, hemorrhoids.

According to statistics, 3 of every 4 pregnant mothers feel nauseous during pregnancy, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Pregnancy is a common phenomenon, and it is very hard.

1. Relax

Pregnancy vomiting has a certain relationship with psychological pressure. The greater the psychological pressure, the more serious the pregnancy reaction. The pregnant mother should relax and maintain a happy mood to reduce the pregnancy.

2. Appropriate exercise

Frequent walking outdoor walking, breathing fresh air, doing simple exercise, etc., can relieve pregnancy.

3. Far away from odor

Stimulating odor will increase pregnancy, and the home must always ventilate and change the air.Pregnant mothers can prepare a handkerchief with lemon juice to relieve pregnancy.

4. Ginger dialect

Ginger and plums can inhibit gastrointestinal exercise, relax gastrointestinal muscles, and relieve nausea and nausea.Ginger can be contained directly in the mouth or make ginger juice and ginger soup.

5. Pay attention to diet

When pregnancy is severe, eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidosis.

Eat less meals during pregnancy, eat once every 2-3 hours, and can be changed to 5-6 meals a day. Do not let the stomach empty, and always have small snacks such as soda biscuits around you.

In addition to the above, pregnant mothers must also maintain their normal blood glucose levels to avoid eating foods that can stimulate pregnancy.

A lot of relief of your tension and maintaining a good emotional state. Pregnant mothers should remember to drink plenty of water and tonify water.

Pay more attention to rest, avoid physical fatigue, properly take pregnant women’s nourishing products, use fingertips to help relieve pregnancy, and take more vitamins to supplement the nutrition required in the body.

【Mom Sending】

Pregnancy will not affect the baby’s growth and development. In the early pregnancy, the baby is relatively small, and the nutrition is very small. If the baby needs it, it will automatically obtain it from the mother’s body.

Therefore, even if the pregnancy is severe, the baby can draw nutrition from the mother’s body, and the pregnant mother should not worry too much.

However, if pregnant mothers are particularly serious, there are obvious weight loss, fatigue and weakness, reduced urine output or dehydration, etc., which may have an impact on the baby. Pregnant mothers need to find a doctor for help.

【Topic today】

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