A 20 -year -old woman took the medicine urgently after seeing her ex -boyfriend and found that she was pregnant with twins.

The greatest happiness in life is to meet the right person in the right time.

It is just that after passion, there is a dull life. The two people will inevitably have various problems together. If the two sides know how to include and understand, think about it, I believe that all problems will be solved.

However, in real life, some people do not know how to control their emotions, let alone cherish the people in front of them. They will be willful, hurting others, and in the end they can only eat their own fruit.

Liang Yi and 21 -year -old Long Zhiyi, who was 20, was engaged under the arrangement of his parents.After that, Liang Yi moved to Long Zhiyi’s house and lived a sweet little life.

Half a year later, Liang Yi was found to be pregnant with twins, and Liang Yi’s parents were very happy.

However, it was unexpected that the fiance Long Zhiyi followed Liang Yi to retire and break up.

Not only did Long Zhiyi propose to break up, but also the in -laws also asked Liang Yi to leave quickly.But Liang Yi was in the wedding room on the fourth floor and was unwilling to leave.

In order to force Liang Yi, the in -laws’ house simply broke the hydropower of the wedding room. She couldn’t take a bath. She was hungry and had no food. She had eaten more than ten days of cookies.

Moreover, her in -laws also asked Long Zhiyi to beat her, so that she would let her leave here quickly.

With such a good thing with twins, is Long Zhiyi fainted?At this time, which one is the trouble?

When Liang Yi’s parents learned, they found the theory.

"You just bully me. My daughter has lived in your house for half a year. Now you are pregnant, you will retire. How do you let her get married in the future?" Then, the two sides pushed up.

Long Zhiyi’s mother Liu Yuping said that Liang Yi’s character was irritable and often conflicted with Long Zhiyi. She was angry and smashed glass. Even her prepared wedding room was damaged by several places.

Moreover, Liang Yi did something sorry for his son, and his son decided to break up after repeated consideration.

But Liang Yi disagreed that he did not leave at his house.

"Don’t framed me, I didn’t do something sorry for your son?" Liang Yi covered his stomach.

"If you didn’t do it, why did you take medicine after staying outside for one night?"

Liang Yi was silent, and then whispered lowly that she did not take medicine.

"You lie, can you tell the truth?" Liu Yuping shouted loudly.

Liang Yi’s large tears slipped from his eyes and could see that it seemed very wronged.

So what happened between this couple?What did Long Zhiyi think?

Long Zhiyi said that he was very enthusiastic about the sweet and lovely Liang Yi. Although Liang Yi was more willful, the two were constantly contradictions together, but he was willing to endure and tolerate, because he felt that Liang Yi was still young. As he was old, he was young.She will definitely mature and gentle.

When he learned that Liang Yi was pregnant with twins, Long Zhiyi was very excited. He looked forward to the birth of his child, and he hoped that he could be a good husband and a good father.

Until one night, Liang Yi fell asleep with a mobile phone in his hand. Long Zhiyi helped her cover the quilt very distressedly and turned off her mobile phone by the way. Who knew that Liang Yi was consulting the doctor onlineChat record.

The chat record showed that Liang Yi uploaded her pregnancy report. She told the doctor that she had just taken medicine and was afraid that it would have an impact on her child. The doctor suggested that she go to a regular hospital for examination.

Long Zhiyi collapsed after watching it, because the day ago, after he quarreled with Liang Yi, Liang Yi ran out and did not return all night.

It seems that Liang Yi took medicine the next day when he did not go home, so Long Zhiyi decided that Liang Yi did something sorry for him.

Liang Yi explained that she just met a good friend of the same sex. Consulting the doctor online was to help that good friend.

"Then why did you upload your pregnancy report?" Long Zhiyi asked.

Liang Yi was silent for a long time and did not answer the question of Long Zhiyi. She just emphasized that she was really worried about her children.

Under the repeated questioning of Long Zhiyi, Liang Yi admitted that she had met with her ex -boyfriend that day because she was in a bad mood.Essence

Liang Yi also said that Long Zhiyi depends on bed every day and does not do housework. Everything in the family needs her to do it. If it is not good, her mother -in -law Liu Yuping will scold her head and face.At first, she didn’t dare to return. Later, she was so angry that she would strive for reason, but Long Zhiyi was always towards his mother.

In Liang Yi’s opinion, although she did something wrong, everything was because Long Zhiyi was not responsible. She hoped to see that Long Zhiyi could forgive her this time.

But Long Zhiyi made it clear that everything would not go back, and hoped that the two would break up peacefully.

Liang Yi had to tears and said that she was willing to give up the child in her belly.

When Liang Yi’s parents saw her daughter, they had to give up, but they proposed to compensate for 60,000 yuan.

Long Zhiyi’s parents directly rejected: "I have given your family a lot of gifts. Now because your daughter has done an unspeakable thing, we have retired, and we have at most medical expenses and nutritional expenses."

Later, after mediation, the two parties agreed to compensate from 60,000 to 30,000.

Long Zhiyi went to the bank to pick up 30,000 yuan in cash and handed it to Liang Yi, and then signed a breakup agreement.

Later, Liang Yi cleaned up with the help of Long Zhiyi and moved back to her mother’s house.

The two agreed to go to the hospital for surgery, and the medical expenses were out of Liang Yi. Long Zhiyi was only responsible for accompanying and taking care of it.

Parents want their children to live happily.

Under the arrangement of their parents, the young Liang Yi and Long Zhiyi did not pass in love, without the process of mutual communication and running -in, they lived together.

Because there is no emotional foundation, the two young people are not so happy.

Unfortunately, Liang Yi did not withstand the test of life. She couldn’t restrain her inner distress and what she shouldn’t happen in her ex -boyfriend, which brought a fatal blow to this relationship and hurt two innocent children.

Loyalty is the bottom line of love, and the cornerstone of the happy marriage. Once it is broken, not only hurts people, but also destroys its own reputation.

I hope that everyone can have goodwill and treat love and marriage with caution.

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