A 26 -year -old woman, a severe pain in the abdomen with her boyfriend, was rushed to the hospital to discharge a fetus

One night a week ago, the moonlight sprinkled on the window sill, and the cicada sounded in the summer echoed in the air.26 -year -old Xiaofang and her boyfriend just ended a warm moment.

However, when Xiaofang got up, she suddenly covered her abdomen with her hands, and her painful expression was revealed, and then screamed.

"Xiao Fang, what’s wrong with you?" My boyfriend was panicked and asked quickly.

Xiaofang couldn’t speak, and the severe abdominal pain almost made her lose her consciousness.The boyfriend did not dare to delay, and immediately sent her to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, Xiaofang was sweating like a rain, and her boyfriend hurriedly looked for a doctor.

In the emergency room, Dr. Chen, a doctor on duty, quickly walked over to check when he heard the shout. He looked serious. For patients with acute abdomen symptoms, diagnosis was very challenging.

Dr. Chen asked: "Is there any trigger factor before your abdominal pain? For example, overeating, trauma, or are you pregnant?"

"Pregnancy? Impossible, I don’t feel at all." Xiaofang Cang’s pale face was full of panic.

Subsequently, Dr. Chen conducted an abdominal examination of Xiaofang and found that the pain was mainly concentrated in the middle of the lower abdomen, without obvious rebound pain.

After careful observation, Dr. Chen was surprised to find that Xiaofang’s lower body was bleeding!Acute abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, first consider abortion or luteum rupture!

The gynecologist came to the consultation, and it was even more strange that Xiaofang knew nothing about his pregnancy.

When asked about the menstrual cycle, she could not answer.Her menstrual cycle has been irregular, work pressure, and irregular life, so she never cares about her menstrual cycle.

The gynecologist immediately performed blood HCG testing and abdominal B -ultrasound for her. Sure enough, she was in line with Dr. Chen’s prediction. In the palace, she was pregnant, but sadly, the baby had no fetal heart, and the only thing she could do now is induction of labor.

The news made Xiaofang and her boyfriend stunned.Gynecologists told them that the baby has been almost 3 months based on the determination data of B -ultrasound.

Xiaofang knows nothing about his pregnancy.In her imagination, pregnancy should be accompanied by obvious stomachs, with various pregnancy reactions.However, in the past few months, except for some fatigue, she has no other discomfort, and has not had obvious pregnancy reactions.

The gynecologist explained: "This situation may be related to individual constitution, but you are too careless for your body. You are still young. If you are induction of labor frequently, you will be more difficult to want your children in the future!"

With the help of doctors, Xiaofang successfully completed the operation.

During pregnancy, many husbands and wives may wonder if the same house is safe and how to ensure that the mother and baby are healthy.

In fact, in the absence of special medical taboos, sexual life is safe during pregnancy.However, couples need to understand some basic knowledge and precautions to ensure the safety of the same room.

First of all, the same room during pregnancy should pay attention to the appropriate posture.With the development of pregnancy, fetal and uterus will gradually increase, which may cause pressure on the body and affect normal sexual life.Therefore, you should choose a posture that does not cause too much pressure on the abdomen, such as the side lying position.

Secondly, the frequency of the same room needs to be moderate.Sexual life itself does not hurt the fetus, but excessive sexual life may lead to physical fatigue and affect the health of pregnant women.The frequency of sexual life should be appropriately arranged between husband and wife according to personal physical condition and needs.

Furthermore, the same room during pregnancy should avoid rudeness and intense.Due to the increase in blood flow in uterine and vagina during pregnancy, rough sexual behavior may lead to bleeding.Therefore, sex life should be kept gentle and slow.

Finally, the most important principle of sexual life during pregnancy is: if you feel any discomfort, such as pain, bleeding, etc., you should stop immediately and consult your doctor in time.

Remember, sexual life during pregnancy should be safe, comfortable, not stress and pain.If you have any questions, you should consult your doctor in time to ensure the health of maternal and infants.

Xiaofang and her boyfriend were deeply less than this accident, and decided to pay more attention to and understand their physical conditions.They realize that for women, the regularity of menstrual cycle and observation of physical changes are very important.

Xiaofang decided to conduct regular health examinations, including gynecological examination and tracking of menstrual cycle.She also began to pay attention to the adjustment of diet and living habits to maintain her health and balance.

In addition, Xiaofang and her boyfriend decided to consult the doctor before the husband and wife live to ensure that there were no health problems and risks.They realize that while love, they also need to be responsible for health.

After a period of reducing and attention, Xiaofang’s body gradually recovered, and his mood became more and more stable.She understands that health is the most important wealth and should always cherish and take care.

At the doctor’s advice, Xiaofang and her boyfriend also chose the appropriate contraceptive method in order to better plan the future.

This accident also made Xiaofang deeply appreciate the importance of sex education.After she decided to have her own children, she would actively pay attention to their sex education, help them understand and understand the changes of the body correctly, and avoid similar accidents.

This story reminds us that a healthy sex life not only requires emotional communication, but also needs to understand and pay attention to our body.During pregnancy, you should be cautious to selectively selective life and frequency to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses.For women, the understanding and physical examination of the menstrual cycle are crucial, so that potential health problems can be found early.

At the same time, healthy sex education is also necessary.Understanding your body and understanding the safety of sexual life and contraception is the common sense that every adult should have.Only by fully understanding and respecting their bodies can we maintain health and happiness in sex.

In sexual life, communication and trust between each other are also very important.Whether it is a husband and wife or a partner, you should listen and understand each other, care about the health of the other party together, take responsibility together, and pursue happiness together.

Finally, we hope that everyone can cherish their health, pay attention to sex education, care about physical changes, and let love and health interact with each other to create a better future.

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