A 50 -year -old woman has married 4 times, it is speechless

There are three daughters in the neighbor’s house. The eldest daughter is a bit abnormal. At the age of 20, there were countless blind dates and married the neighboring villagers. As a result, they were divorced. Later, they married the village.In the big pot, she put the leftovers in the bowl and stirred it. The relatives felt strange. Later, she bought sugar gourds in the street and jokes. She was very poor in the 1990s.The sugar gourd shouted the father -in -law’s name and asked him to buy two dollars to buy sugar gourds.The people in the street laughed at her mouth, and she laughed at her.

I just eat or sit without sitting. I went to the toilet in the middle of the night and passed the in front of the in -laws. I listened to the roots of the wall.Essence

The second marriage was not far away. The man’s family was poor, old youth, and a daughter -in -law was good. It was good to her. Buy her beautiful clothes and give her money.As a result, she gave her clothes to her sisters and wore the old.I didn’t know where to get the money, the man didn’t give her money anymore. Later, she was pregnant, and she was born in two months.

After finally giving birth to a child, the man went to work to bring the child, and there was a red and white happy event. She led the child to eat the seat.EssenceAs soon as I came out of the pan, I scalded the child’s hand. Alas, the man scolded her after knowing that he was angry and hugged the child to find a doctor.

It stands to reason that men’s hard work, you can take care of your home, just wash and cook with children. She does not know what is busy to cook and cooks.At present, I also divorced, the child’s support, she has nothing to do

After two years, after being introduced, the third husband was introduced. The man was married when he was young. Because his mother -in -law did not harmonize, his wife ran away, and the man never found the right one. Later, when he met this womanThe ceremony was simply held, and the wedding was still sloppy.Do not wash your face or comb your hair.The only advantage of the tattered shirts worn was that the male mother was old. She could serve her mother -in -law. Later, her mother -in -law left, and she was useless. The man felt that there was a child like a family. She resolutely opposed it.The second husband asked her child, and she felt that having a child was tired and worth it. She would not have born. The man felt that there was nothing to think about, so she divorced her.

She often divorced and married like this, and she was famous for Shili and Eight Township. Besides, love is cheap, crazy, no one provokes her. She has a high vision and she wants to drive.Smart and capable, she is in her 40s, others are full of grandparents, she is still alone, and finally blindfolds, they all fail. People who can’t marry their daughter -in -law are also looking down on her.

Later, I met a 60 -year -old bachelor, and she was very stunned. Following the old mother to live, I just found a companion. The two people became stable this time., She has a child to have a child for a man. Go to the hospital for examination. Who knows that uterine fibroids have to remove the uterus? Now the child’s dream is broken, and the cure is tight. She removes the uterus. Now she is 50 years old., Make a pocket money every day, the man does not care about her, love it.

Alas, people’s life is too bumpy, and they do n’t like it from the beginning. In order to pass on to generations, or to get rid of the order, do n’t barely get married. You see that these men are married for marriage, and finally divorced.Not good, men also spend money, it is not worth it!

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