A acupuncture point is easy to get pregnant. It is suitable for men and women. It is recommended to collect it!

Although modern living conditions have made great progress than before, it should be said that people’s functions are scientific and modern, but only the same, is the same.Weakening and regression is fertility, so the business of artificial insemination and test tube babies is getting better and better.Then return to the topic today is to share a wonderful point that can help pregnancy. It is easy to get pregnant, moxibustion, moxibustion, and maintenance of this point. It is suitable for men and women. He is Yin Lianxue.

Yin Lian acupoint is the 11th acupoint of the liver meridian. It is located in the groin. There is one on the left and right. This position is closest to the genitals.

First introduce this acupoint. The name is very interesting. Yin corresponds to blood -related acupoints in the acupoints, such as Sanyinjiao acupoint, Yin Bao acupoints, and so on.Especially in the liver meridian, it is directly related to blood.

Because of the groin near the groin, Yin Lian acupoint corresponds to the groin lymph. If it is blocked, it will not only affect the detoxification function, but also affect the blood supply around the genitals, causing some gynecological andrology.Of course, the most important point is to cause infertility. Therefore, modern technology has developed, economical, and there are more infertility.Why, one of the pain points is that because of the convenience of life and the needs of work, sitting more and moving less, resulting in the long -term incompatibility of Yin Lianlin.

The key to Yin Lian points is to regulate meridians and focus on coking.Improve water and humidity, adjust menstruation, and focus on it.Yin Lian acupoints treat liver and kidney, Qianyin and other diseases.Such as irregular menstruation, red leucorrhea, women without children, men’s infertility, itching of vulva, qi attacks, and pain in leg stocks.

Yin Lian acupoint with Shenshu acupoint, Dahe acupoint, Mingmen acupoint, Taixi acupoint treatment woman infertility, men’s infertility

Yin Lian acupoints with Guanyuan acupoints, Sanyinjiao acupoints, and blood acupoints, which have the effects of promoting blood circulation and menstrual menstruation.

Yin Lian acupoints with compatriots, secondary acupoints, and Sanyinjiao acupoints to cure damp heat betting, leucorrhea, vulvar itching, and ringworms, etc.

Yin Lian acupoints with compatibility committees, secondary acupoints, bladder Yu acupoints to treat cystitis

The best way to stimulate Yin Lian points is to clear the groin, open the lymph nodes of the bumps, and it is very helpful to improve the sexual function of men and women. Note that the most convenient to clear it here is yourself.EssenceNote that this is Shuangye, left and right symmetrical.Twelve Meridian Health Acupoint illustration ¥ 48 Buy

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