A blogger solicited the clues of the murder case 10 years ago. Netizens fixed up the ticket to help solve the case. Police: The suspect is a girl’s mother and boyfriend.

On January 4, 2022, Weibo blogger "Mao 17" stated that 10 years ago he helped the police to solicit clues on Weibo. After 9 years, the case was broken.The police handling the case told him that the ticket information released on the Internet that year became an important clue to the investigation of the case.

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In the past two days, many netizens went to a message under the Weibo of "Mao 17" to collect clues that year.

Jiupai News learned that the incident was located in a reservoir in Jiang’an County, Yibin City, Sichuan.The Propaganda Department of Jiang’an County Party Committee confirmed this fact to reporters.

At that time, he was responsible for detecting the case and told the police officer that when he handled the case, he was working in the criminal investigation brigade of Jiang’an County and was transferred elsewhere after 2012.The case of a woman’s corpse was detected by the Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau last year. The details of the case, because of the age, could not remember."The murder must be broken, and all clues must be collected." Now, the other two police officers are still working at the Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau.The first instance of the case has also been judged to be suspect slowly, and the suspect is appealing.

[1] 17 -year -old girl is killed, please help netizens to help solve the case

According to Mao 17, "On February 10, 2011, a 17 -year -old girl was killed and threw a corpse in a reservoir somewhere in Sichuan Province.The physical evidence is a bicycle ticket. In order to collect more clues, a police officer who handled the case thought of the Weibo that was still a new thing at that time. After persuading the leader, he found his help to publish information."

"Mao 17" said on Weibo on February 16, 2011, saying, "This ticket was found on the spot, hoping to see the netizens from the city from what city to leave a message or contact QQ to assist the police to reduce the scope of investigation.Netizens who arrive, please help, thank you! "

He replied in the comments that the local police did not open Weibo, so a police officer commissioned him to publish.

Under this Weibo ten years ago, a hundred netizens helped forward and said, "Everyone helps, it’s too pitiful."Some netizens have made suggestions that bloggers are advised to find ticket collection enthusiasts on the shopping website, and to talk about which city belongs to the sellers who collect new tickets.

After a day, Mao 17 released a more detailed information of the victims, bringing the inscription "”17 -year -old girl with a dead body, please help netizens to help solve the case”".According to its description, the victim is about 17 years old, about 70 days of pregnancy, 155 cm tall, 50 kg of weight, 15 cm long (short hair), wearing a black -hearted long -sleeved T -shirt, gray jeans, feet wearing feetGray cotton socks, wearing coffee camisole vests, flesh -colored bra.Her left wrist is a red wire rope, green jade beads and jade sheep on the top. There is an old wrist scar on the inside of the left wrist.Due to the unable to find clues in the disappeared population record, the police wanted to confirm the identity of the victims with the strength of netizens.

A netizen of an ID "Orinn" is good at P pictures and spelled the ticket fragments.The netizen replied that the year, "The remnants of the votes used the angle adjustment and deformation, mainly to make the ticket more complete. Therefore, the angle of the text cannot be used as a basis for judgment." Another Shanghai netizen provided it very similar to the ticket to fight the tickets.Photos, comparison, believe that this ticket is from Shanghai Pudong Bus.

[2] Tickets indicate the direction of the case handling

Things have been silent for ten years.Until January 4, 2022, Mao 17 saw the police’s QQ message.This message was sent to him in September 2020: "2011! There is a murder case, there is a ticket, do you remember? After 9 years, the suspect was arrested and the case was broken! Thanks for the year! Thank youEnthusiastic netizens. "

After excitement, Mao 17 quickly contacted the other party.According to reports, the murderer was the boyfriend who made the victim’s mother at the time."Tickets, the bus ticket provides direction."

After determining the direction, the forensic doctor insisted on comparing the DNA and was reported to the family members of the victim who was reported to the missing.Police said, "The victim is clear, and the case will be judged."

Mao 17 sighed on Weibo, "From 2011 to the present, many people’s lives have vicissitudes of the sea, and our main network communication tools have changed from QQ to WeChat. Many participating netizens have left Weibo for many years, butTime is also the most fair. As long as you have paid things, there will always be a return one day in the future. "

Jiupai News found that the two netizens who provided ticket clues that year were not updated after 2014.Recently, the netizen of the ID of @orinn said, "Thank you for your enthusiasm, and you are honored to participate and contribute to your own strength."

@Jackie Weiwei Cat also posted, "I didn’t expect to update Weibo again … but it’s great. It is difficult to imagine how much hardships have been in the case of the case of the case.! All friends inspired by this news, everyone has a soft heart. May the girl rest in heaven and hope that all sincerity and seriousness will allow us to cross this magical moment. "

Jiupai journalist Xu Ming

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