A few dollars a bottle of folic acid tablets are the "nemesis" of high blood pressure?It is not too late to know now

"My blood pressure is not good, how can I work so well after adding folic acid?"

Uncle Lin is 55 years old, and he has been suffering from high blood pressure for several years. At the beginning, the blood pressure would still be relatively stable. It also fluctuated up and down at 155/88mmHg. People did not have dizziness and uncomfortable. They didn’t want to take medicine.Well, but the hard -working persuasion of the children and doctors finally eaten.In the past two years, blood pressure has been controlled up to 130/75mmHg. It can be said that his blood pressure control is very ideal.

In this year’s physical examination, Uncle Lin’s blood pressure increased, reaching 165/95mmHg. At the beginning, he didn’t believe it. After repeated measurement several times, it was almost the same.Is the antihypertensive drug used now?Or is the disease progressed?Uncle Lin did not dare to adjust the medicine by himself, so he came to the cardiology clinic with doubts.The doctor took the medical examination report and quickly found the clue.Because his cardiac ultrasound did not prompt atrium and ventricular problems, the ejection score was also possible, and the electrocardiogram did not indicate the high voltage of the left ventricle, indicating that his blood pressure in recent years was controlled, and there was no related complications.

However, there is an abnormal indicator that has attracted the attention of the doctor, that is, the same type of cysteine has risen. In fact, this indicator does not check whether it is medical examination or hospitalization, so people do not pay much attention.Therefore, the doctor opened a bottle of folic acid tablet for Uncle Lin. It was not expensive, and it was a few dollars. There were 100 pieces. He told him to eat three times a day and eat two tablets each time. High blood pressure remains unchanged.I knew that after half a month, Uncle Lin’s blood pressure really dropped.This uncle Lin murmured, isn’t folic acid a woman who is pregnant?How can you treat hypertension?I believe that many friends also have questions in this area, or that blood pressure is always poorly controlled, and it is not ideal to replace various antihypertensive drugs?Today, Dr. Zhang came to talk to you about related issues.

We have to analyze it briefly from the pathogenesis of hypertension, and I will tell the conclusions first.In other words, when the level of cysteine in our human plasma is above 10umol/L, it is called hyper -type cysteinemia.If you are a patient with hypertension and detect that is accompanied by cysteinemia, then this primary hypertension is called "H -type hypertension".Everyone note that among the patients with primary hypertension in my country, the incidence of H -type hypertension is about 75 %, but many people do not know, so the awareness rate is relatively low.

So what is the relationship between this same cysteine and hypertension?After studying, the original omnidine was an important intermediate product in the metabolic process of the human body, and it was amino acids containing cymbal -based.When the metabolic pathway of the same type of cysteine is blocked, high -lytaminemia will occur.It can cause damage to the vascular endothelial function when it exceeds a certain concentration in the blood.There are the following aspects. One is to induce atherosclerosis through oxidation stimulation to induce atherosclerosis; the other is that the internal quality network stress stimulates the vascular dependence of vascular diastolic reaction significantly weakened.

The third is to accelerate the occurrence of atherosclerosis and thrombosis by activating platelet adhesion and coagulation factor V activity and inhibitory anticoagulation. The fourth is to promote the proliferation of smooth muscle cells of vascular vascular, increase the number of flat muscles in the middle layer of the arterial wall.Increase vascular resistance and cause blood pressure to rise.Now we might as well see how our human blood pressure is formed, because the human heart and blood vessels jointly form a closed circuit. Relying on the role of the heart pump and the elastic retraction of the aortaEssenceWhen blood vessels continue to flow in blood vessels, a certain speed and pressure can be generated. The side pressure that acts on the wall of the blood vessel is called blood pressure.

People are so wonderful, blood pressure is low, and people are shocking. Each organs have insufficient blood supply to blood and oxygen.There will be hardening, weakened elasticity, etc., causing it to fall into a dead cycle.Then we will return to the theme again. This kind of same type of bepelomine is high and it will cause the damage mentioned above. In the end, the lesions of the arterial blood vessels will occur.If it is caused by same cysteine, we must try to reduce this indicator in the treatment.

Studies have found that folic acid is an important coenzyme involved in the eggine cycle and is a complex in vitamin B.As an auxiliary factor, it plays an important role in the metabolic process of same type of cysteine. It may be the safest and effective way to reduce the use of folic acid or non -adoption of vitamin B12 while replenishing or non -use of vitamin B12.To this end, there are many research reports at home and abroad. For example, the use of small -dose folic acid combined with anti -hypertension drugs to treat H -type hypertension can effectively reduce patients’ blood pressure, blood lipids and same cysteine levels.

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease in my country and even the world, and hypertension is not just as simple as "high blood pressure". It is an important risk factor for stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases. The risk of onset is positively correlated.So if you are a patient with primary hypertension, then it is necessary to further investigate whether it can be diagnosed as "H -type hypertension" if it is checked.It is necessary to add folic acid tablets to orally on the basis of taking antihypertensive drugs to make the blood pressure control more stable and smaller.

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