A group of "Yang Guo" international students built questioning groups: We can ensure that there are people in different time zones in different time zones

Recently, nucleic acid testing policies have been adjusted in many places across the country, and they hope that citizens will "be the first responsible person of their health."

At the same time, many authoritative media released the knowledge of science popularization for science science medicine for "cold medicines cannot be eaten randomly", "don’t eat even flowers and ibuprofen".However, the phenomenon of random taking medicine is still not uncommon in Xiao Deng’s "New Crown Infection Experience Sharing Questions" group as a group owner.

△ Chat records of group friends

Xiao Deng is an international student studying abroad. In the past few days, she and some friends and friends who have recovered after the new crown virus have established a "new crown infection experience sharing question" group.

She told reporters that they hoped to relieve people’s anxiety and anxiety by sharing their own personal experience.The following is her telling–

"We can’t take care of the medicine,

All you can do is psychological comfort "

I did not expect that many relatives and friends in Beijing recently have infected with new crowns.They knew that I had previously been in the UK, and came to ask me about this problem, such as symptoms, medication, recovery period, and so on.

At that time, I was in London, and the people around me were almost infected. Maybe I was the next at any time, so I was very excited when I was diagnosed, which was equivalent to a stone in my heart that finally landed.

My symptoms are the high fever of 39 ° C. On the first day of the anti -measurement, it was still negative, and the second day was positive.I had a fever on the second day, and I was always weak and coughing.

I share some of my experiences and knowledge to comfort my family and friends.I told them that it’s okay, don’t be nervous, it’s time to take medicine, and it’s time to rest.

In the past few days, no matter how online or brushing the circle of friends, I found that many media have released the recovery experience of scientific medication guidelines, the recovery experience of patients infected with new crown virus, etc., but there are still many people who are very anxious, panic, and overwhelmed.The friends of the international students shared their illness experience.

△ Screenshot of group friends chat records

We have no way to take care of everyone or give you medicine. What we can do is psychological comfort, and maintaining a good mentality will also help recover!

Learn popular science knowledge and prepare commonly used drugs

From the first group on December 8 to today, there have been three groups. A few of our international students are located in different time areas. We will share questions in the group in the group.Volunteers with professional background in medical science.

In a few days, my biggest feeling is that the speed of rumors runs faster than the spread of scientific knowledge. At this time, there are still people who believe that "drinking white wine to resist the new crown virus".

△ Screenshot of group friends chat records

△ Picture source: People’s Daily

Even during this time, the media was sending "cold medicine cannot be eaten randomly", but there were still people who took the medicine randomly; there were still people who had a fever and did not physical cooling, and covered the quilt to cover the sweat … Many times we answered these common sense over and over again,Send professional popular science articles to the group and let everyone read it carefully.

Most groups of friends will share their daily symptoms in the group, and some people will ask if the patients who "Yang pass" have the same symptoms.In the first few days of the diagnosis, everyone’s concerns and questions will be more. They can clearly feel anxiety from their questions, but when they report the illness in the later stage of the condition, they will be a lot of determination.

If the group friends ask questions, once the breathing difficulties, the arterial blood oxygen saturation measured by the blood oxygen instrument of the finger is less than 95, or there are symptoms such as basic diseases, we recommend going to the hospital directly.

△ Screenshot of group friends chat records

Through these days of sharing and answering, I found that everyone’s understanding of popular science knowledge is still lacking.

Of course, it is understandable that the emotional fluctuations after confirming the new crown can be understood. Then you need to familiarize themselves with scientific medication early, understand the common symptoms of new crowns, what symptoms you need to go to the hospital, and so on.After all, everyone has to be responsible for their health after all.

We also hope that after this group can complete its mission, it will dissolve as soon as possible.

Reporter: Chen Lina

Source: Dongfang.com

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