A mother and the mother embraced the baby fell in the escalator!Be sure to pay attention to these details

Go out, safety first

No one wants to have any accidents


Two women bring a baby

When taking a lifting ladder at the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The accident still happened

10 am on October 6th at 10 am

A thrilling scene occurred in the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital

You can see in the video

Two women were taking up the escalator at the time

Who knows that the older one suddenly stumbled back a few times

The woman on the left stretched out her hand to help her

As a result

Fall on the escalator

Look carefully, the old man is still holding


"Come and save people, save lives"

According to Yuexiu District Public Security Branch

Mineral Police Spring Police Liu Yuanli Memories

I heard someone calling for help at the time, "(their emotions) are nervous

Including the elderly and the woman are very nervous

The baby is not crying "


Police Officer Liu who is routinely inspected in the police room

Get out of the door right away

I found that the escalator is still operating

Then direct the hospital security guards to assist

Press the elevator emergency braking button

Accompanied by a sudden brake

The elevator finally stopped

After that, everyone escorted them together

Go to the second floor department for treatment

Fortunately rescued timely, the three of them were safe and sound

Afterwards, the police learned

It turns out that young women are a mother

The elderly is her mother

The baby in his arms has just been born less than a month

"She said she was accidentally

At that time, I didn’t hold the handrails without holding the chat "

In recent years

An accident occurred by an armrest elevator

happens sometimes

for example

Put your head to the outside and cause the injury

Put the shoes into the brush and the result is clipped

most common

Just fell without holding the armrest


However, the reporter found during the visit to the scene and found that

The elevator safety measures for the incident are still better

Both sides are installed

Glass protection of more than 1 meter height

And between two floors

Children are easy to clamp the position

A yellow warning sign is placed

Remind everyone to meet carefully

DV Jun thinks this approach

Still worthwhile

The handle elevator in public places is used to learn from

But the security measures are improved

If the user does not pay attention, it will happen

Such as a escalator to play mobile phone


When adults hold children or embrace young children

No handrail

Some parents don’t even know that there have been an emergency accident

How to deal with


Officer Liu reminds the elderly, children and pregnant women

When you get on the elevator, you must support the elevator

Chat less, mainly security!

Poke videos to see more ▼

DV Jun has to remind


When taking the escalator, there are five major attention areas

Swipe up the picture to view ▼

Once unfortunately an accident occurs

Everyone must remember

The elevator emergency button is in these three places!IntersectionIntersection


01 Elevator entrance handrail

Picture source: Guangzhou Metro

02 The bottom of the inner cover of the elevator

03 large elevator middle part

Data map.Picture source: Guangzhou Metro

Always keep in mind safety first

Keep danger away from yourself!

Source: Guangdong Public DV Live (GDGGDVXC) Comprehensive South+, Information Times

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Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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