A quasi -dad’s confession: After the wife is pregnant, this is a happy and sad process

I was born in 1992 and was 32 years old.Recently, my wife was pregnant, and my wife and I were ready to start a new stage of life -become a family of three.

We were very excited when we learned that our wife was pregnant.However, as a prospective father, I face many unprecedented challenges.Because her wife is pregnant, she needs more sleep and rest, and I need to take more housework.

At the beginning, I think housework is not a big problem.Buy food and cook, wash the dishes, and wash clothes. These things don’t seem to need much skills and endurance.However, over time, I found that these housework is not so easy to deal with.

Every morning, I need to get up to the market to buy fresh ingredients.After returning home, I have to prepare breakfast and prepare my wife’s nutritional balanced food.Sometimes I need to cook my wife’s breakfast and my lunch at the same time. In order to save time, I need to use all the cooking skills.

When dealing with dishes, I will constantly think about how to increase their taste and color, and how to provide my wife with the best nutrition and taste.At the same time, I also have to find a way to make the dining table look more beautiful, so that my wife can like the meals I made, because I hope to bring her more happiness.

In addition to cooking, I also need to deal with the hygiene of the entire family.I have to clean the bathroom, dust removal, and cleaning the floor.In this process, I must ensure that every corner is clean and tidy to protect the health of my wife and children.

In addition, I also have to wash clothes and dry bed supplies.I want to ensure that every piece of clothes that my wife use is clean, soft, and shiny, and full of care and warmth between husband and wife.

Of course, I have to keep my work and personal study.I usually go to work, meetings, and write reports.After dealing with housework in the evening, I have to start studying intermediate accounting to ensure that my work is not affected.

Although this process is very hard, I enjoy this life very much.I feel like a real man who assumes the responsibility of family and work.I am also grateful to the people around me. They gave me courage and strength so that I could go forward.

Now, I want to say, "Thank you, my family. Although you have never expressed it clearly, I know that you must be grateful to me. Because I know, no matter what, I and my family, we all have to beWalk this way together hand in hand. "

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