[A strange thing an old man is pregnant] Ninety -year -old lady wrestling was found to be pregnant

The old man was inspected when he was pregnant for decades.

Grandma Huang is a 90 -year -old lady. The three generations of their grandchildren live together and live a very happy life with Meimei.He also has his grandson, even the great -grandson, and Grandma Huang’s physical condition has always been very good.

However, in the early morning of 2007, Grandma Huang went to take a walk after eating, but she fell without paying attention.The old man is older and his legs are not good. For an old man, he may have to recuperate for many days.Fortunately, the body was not injured, and the family’s concerns were a little less. After a few days after this incident.I thought that the body would recover slowly, getting better and better, but the situation of the elderly became more serious.The painful old lady can only be taken to the hospital by her son.

Because the elderly have always felt dizziness, they occasionally accompanied by symptoms of nausea and vomiting.At the hospital, the doctor directly checked the elderly according to the illness.However, the hospital conducted multiple inspections on the elderly, and the old man still showed no signs of improvement.Still dizziness, disgusting physical discomfort.So the son took the old man to do a B -ultrasound.

When the B -ultrasound came out, the doctor and the relatives of Grandma Huang were stunned on the spot.It was not surprising when it came. The doctor was also embarrassed, but after watching the report and based on her years of experience, she told Grandma Huang’s son that Grandma Huang was pregnant.

This really surprised Grandma Huang’s son, saying that his mother was 91, how could he be pregnant? Not to mention that he had never touched a man for so long.

The whole family was overwhelmed by this matter, but they knew that this matter must not let people in the village know.As the saying goes, "family ugliness cannot be raised", "people are awesome."However, the paper could not be covered after all. Although this matter was hidden well, it was quickly spread.

I don’t know if it is the gossip in the village, but everyone is very strange. Who caused the old lady to be pregnant, and some people even said that she was pregnant with a ghost doll.Grandma Huang’s son did not want to hear these words in the village, and planned to find out what was caused.It can not only prove the innocence of the old mother.

So he took Grandma Huang to a larger hospital in the province. After finding an expert, the expert said that there was a baby in the belly of Grandma Huang, but it was a dead child. Grandma Huang finally said at this time.Secret.

It turned out that Grandma Huang also had a child at the time, but it had been aborted before it was produced. At that time, the doctor told him that the cost of surgery was required, and Grandma Huang said that she did not want to perform surgery, and then she went home to eat some recipes, so she then went home to eat some recipes, so she would go home.I didn’t care about this child anymore, and I didn’t expect it to become like this now.

I believe that the cost of a surgery at that time was the money that a family could only be able to save, and at that time, people did not believe in science so much, so there would be such strange things that happened.

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