A woman in Pingxiang bleeds after taking Chinese medicine, and found that she was pregnant for 7 weeks. As a result, the child did not keep it

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Ms. Zou in Pingxiang, Jiangxi is 41 years old. On August 14, because of irregular physiological period, she hung a Chinese medicine expert number at Pingxiang People’s Hospital. She wanted to take Chinese medicine to regulate her body and then prepare for pregnancy.

Ms. Zou said that after the doctor gave her the pulse, she prescribed some medicine, but after 4 days, she had major bleeding.

Ms. Zou’s husband: "The fetus was not kept first. By the evening of August 20th, he bleeds, and then the gynecology department of the Pingxiang People’s Hospital had an urgent curettage surgery for her."

Before the operation, the Pingxiang People’s Hospital gynecologically conducted a blood HCG test for Ms. Zou, and the results reminded that Ms. Zou had been pregnant for about 7 weeks.According to Ms. Zou, she did not know that she was pregnant before.Such a situation now occurs, and the two of them believe that it is related to the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Ms. Zou’s husband: "As a result, she showed pregnancy, and I saw those medicines. The big things were not good, because the medicine he prescribed had a tire effect, and there was saffron in it."

The doctor prescribed the traditional Chinese medicine preparation for Ms. Zou, including 12 medicines including safflower formula particles, black medicine formula particles, and leech formula particles.The reporter consulted many Chinese medicine experts in the province. They said that the efficacy of this traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to promote blood circulation. If it is only for women’s physiological period, it is a common symptomatic medicine.After receiving the report from Ms. Zou, the hospital stated that the miscarriage is not necessarily related to Chinese medicine, but also depends on personal physical condition.

The staff of the Medical Department of Pingxiang People’s Hospital: "Ms. Zou said the menstruation came on August 8th, and came to the Chinese Medicine Department on August 14 to see a doctor. At this time, what is the possibility of pregnancy."

Reporter: "But according to the standards of your Three Hospital, you can’t rely on experience. You must strictly test the results, as the basis?"

The staff of the Medical Department of Pingxiang People’s Hospital: "This matter is a lesson for us. In the future, every patient, whether she comes to menstruation, we will test her a blood HCG, but at this (August 14th), click on this (August 14th)We keep our attitude. "

At present, Ms. Zou and his wife claim 150,000 yuan from Pingxiang People’s Hospital.The staff of the medical department said that the amount has exceeded the scope of the hospital’s authority. It is recommended that Ms. Zou and his wife apply for mediation to the medical dispute mediation department of Pingxiang City. If they cannot reach an agreement, they can choose a lawsuit.

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