A woman in Shandong and her mother -in -law became pregnant at the same time. After the mother -in -law was not on the third child, she decisively chose to divorce

A woman in Shandong and her mother -in -law became pregnant at the same time, and she chose to divorce after the mother -in -law had a third child.

The woman married her husband in 2018 and had a daughter, but because her in -laws had always wanted a son, the woman was pregnant with her second child, but when the woman was 6 months pregnant, the 48 -year -old mother -in -law was also pregnant.

But because the mother -in -law is old, her body is not good, and there are no economic conditions, the woman advises her mother -in -law to give up the child.

However, her mother -in -law said that the country has released a three -child policy and encouraged more children. Therefore, this child is not born. It has nothing to do with others. She has the right to have childbirth and children have no right to control herself.

The mother -in -law had a contradiction because of this incident, and the mother -in -law raised her daughter -in -law to be ignorant.The daughter -in -law rejected: "If you are born, I will divorce your son."

Faced with the threat of the woman, her mother -in -law was not panicked. She insisted that she was going to give birth to a third child. After she gave birth to her children, she had to let her daughter -in -law feed together.

The woman couldn’t persuade her mother -in -law, so she went to persuade her father -in -law. I did not expect that the father -in -law thought that it was a glorious thing. "This proves that I have the ability and it proves that my body is good.","

For this incident, the woman’s husband has always supported his parents and felt that his parents were right.

The woman was angry by her husband’s family, and finally caused an unexpected abortion of children with 8 months of pregnancy.

After so many things, the woman decided to let go after careful consideration and chose to divorce her husband.

However, the husband disagreed, there are always various reasons. After several setbacks, the last two settled on November 9 to divorce.

But that morning, the husband did not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the woman found her husband’s house, and let him go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. In the process, the woman was beaten by her husband, but finally finally finally finallyLeave the marriage.

Afterwards, the woman said that in the past few months, she has really suffered too much, and she does not want to participate in that family. After divorce, she finally removed all the burdens and relaxed.

It is reported that because of this incident, the woman’s uncle broke up with his girlfriend, but then the uncle’s girlfriend was pregnant unexpectedly, and the two reconciled again and were about to get married.

After the woman sent this incident to the Internet, netizens also discussed.

Some netizens said that they thought that the second daughter -in -law escaped the fire pit, and the big daughter -in -law could not jump out of the fire pit for 8 months.As a result, the big daughter -in -law escaped from the fire pit, and the second daughter -in -law jumped into the fire pit.

Some netizens said that in fact, the problem is not that the mother -in -law gave birth to a child, but the economic problem. The old couple did not experience the source. In the future, the father -in -law and the third child have to be raised. This is the problem.Children, the burden is too heavy.

However, some netizens said that everyone has fertility. Even if the mother -in -law’s elderly mother has children, she will bring difficulties, but if she is willing to give birth, as a family, her daughter -in -law should not be so selfish.Live with mother -in -law.

Personal comment

Regarding this incident, although the country has released a three -child policy, the mother -in -law wants to have a third child, and outsiders have no right to interfere.

However, having a child cannot just look at it, it depends on the long -term. Now the mother -in -law is 48 years old. It belongs to the elderly baby, and there is no economic income.Essence

But older brothers also have their children to raise them. Who would be willing to assume this responsibility and obligation for their parents?

If the mother -in -law did not conceive for three babies at the beginning, there may not be so many things. Now celebrate the birth of the grandson, the family is happy, and the younger son is smooth and neat. Isn’t this a happy family?

But now, as the son’s family is broken, it is even more difficult to get a family business in the future.

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