Abdominal distension is a common trouble for pregnant women, saying goodbye to bloating!

Abdominal distension is a common trouble for pregnant women. Generally, the appetite, constipation, constipation accompanied by abdominal distension, and the inadequate sleep and dysfunction of the dysfunction caused by their psychological stress caused by their bloating.Essence

Causes of abdominal distension

There are many causes of abdominal distension during pregnancy. During the pregnancy, due to the occurrence of progesterone, the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract will relax and peristals.Extending, when the time for food to stay in the food is extended, when the bacteria are fermented, a large amount of gases will produce, causing pregnant women to have a sense of fullness.

Abdominal distension in the middle of pregnancy is due to the continuous increase in the uterus to compress the intestine, coupled with the effect of hormones, and indigestion.Causes symptoms such as bloating, loss of appetite, and constipation.


● Avoid eating gas -producing foods

Doctors pointed out that if there is a serious gastric acid backflow, you should avoid eating sweet food, and you should mainly eat a light diet. You can eat some soda biscuits, high -fiber biscuits and other neutralized gastric acid.

When the flatulence is serious, you should avoid eating foods that are easy to exhaust, such as beans and products, fried foods, potatoes, etc., too sweet, sour foods, and spicy foods should not be eaten.

● A small amount of meals

It is necessary to effectively alleviate abdominal distension and change eating habits.When pregnant women have felt abdominal distension, if they still eat a lot of food, they will increase the burden on gastrointestinal digestion and make the bloating more serious.Pregnant women with abdominal distension can use a small amount of meals to eat. From the habit of three meals a day to eat five to six meals a day, reduce the amount of each meal. Do not eat too much every time you eat.Reduce the feeling of abdominal fullness.In addition, in addition to properly controlling the intake of protein and fat, adding some garlic and ginger slices during cooking can also reduce the production of internal gas.

● Chew slowly

You should chew slowly when you eat. Do not talk when you eat. Avoid sucking drinks with a straw. Do not often contain sour plums or chewing gum. Note that these small details can also avoid excessive gas entering the digestive tract.

● Supplement of dietary fiber

Pregnant women can eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables, fruits and coarse food.Vegetables such as white and leeks.Celery, loofah, lotus root, radish, etc. are rich in dietary fiber; the fruits are more fiber contained in apples, bananas, kiwi, etc.Dietary cellulose can help intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

● Drink plenty of warm boiling water

Pregnant women drink plenty of water every day, and sufficient water can promote defecation.If the stool accumulates in the large intestine, abdominal distension will be more serious.After getting up every morning, you can supplement a large cup of warm water, which has the effect of promoting bowel movements.

Drinking warm water is more suitable than cold water, because drinking cold water may cause intestinal colic, of course, ice water is even less suitable.Carbonated drinks such as soda, cola, and beer should also be avoided as much as possible.In addition, you can add a little honey to the first glass of water after getting up in the morning, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent dry stool.

● Keep proper exercise

In order to reduce abdominal distension during pregnancy, pregnant women should appropriately increase their daily activity, and walking after meals is the best way to move.It is recommended that pregnant women take a walk for 20 to 30 minutes outside for 20 to 30 minutes after meals, which can help bowel movements and exhaust, but excessive exercise is not suitable.

● The mood is relaxed and not nervous

Tension and stress are too large, which will also cause poor blood circulation in pregnant women in the body, so it is also important to learn to relax during pregnancy.If pregnant women who are worried about physical discomfort, you may wish to take a consultation directly to let the doctor distinguish the symptoms, which can avoid emotional tightness and psychological pressure caused by skepticism; maintain a good and relaxed mentality, which will also help pregnant women to defecate smoothly.

● Moderate massage massage

When the abdominal distension is uncomfortable, a simple massage method can be taken to relieve.After the warm palm, the clockwise direction starts from the right upper abdomen, and then massage for about 10 to 20 laps in the order of upper left, lower left, and lower right. It can be performed 2 to 3 times a day.Avoid the position of the uterus, and do not massage immediately after meals.

Say goodbye to bloating tricks

1. Time to defecate every morning.

2. Increase daily activity.For example, increase the number of walking daily and extend the time of each walk.

3. Add a little honey to the water.It is conducive to intestinal motility.Eat more vegetables and fruits. The vegetables contain white, leeks, spinach, celery, loofah, crickets, radish and other cellulose. The fruits contain persimmons, duck, apples, bananas, tomatoes and other cellulose.

4. Eat less meals in the middle and late pregnancy. Do not eat too much every time. This can reduce the feeling of fullness of the abdomen of pregnant women.

5. You can do abdominal massage.Start from the right lower abdomen to the top, left, and down the clockwise direction, 2 to 3 times a day, 10 to 20 laps each time, the effect is very good.

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