Actress Makiyo official announced divorce!I had a marriage change 8 days after giving birth, and I still have to go out to drink during breastfeeding

In July, there were star officials to divorce in the entertainment industry!

The 39 -year -old actress Makiyo confirmed through his personal account and ended the marriage relationship with Mr. Jin, the amateur husband, saying that the two officially handled the divorce formalities because of the coexistence and personality inconsistency.Looking at the information, the probability of the two people’s son is raised by the woman.

Makiyo’s agent revealed to the media the more specific cause of divorce. The original contradiction was buried during Makiyo’s confinement. It was the first time that she had exposed the marriage change after marriage.

——The rumors in the entertainment industry are always source, everything is always a sign,

The 39 -year -old Makiyo’s most well -known identity in the entertainment industry is probably the old girlfriend of Ou Di. She is also a member of the small S friend circle. She has always been known for her love. Xiao S also said that Makiyo will be the fastest divorce -Makiyo’s marriage was in a hurry from the beginning to the end. It was not maintained for more than a year. There was a child in the middle of the way. She had a marriage change 8 days after giving birth. She went out to accompany the wine to get drunk during breastfeeding.

Makiyo and her husband have been friends for many years. During a party, the man suddenly blocked her in the box to confess her in the box.Men seemed to be unable to get out of the box, so they agreed to the relationship.

Makiyo and her boyfriend finally decided to get married, and they were completely because of accidental pregnancy. Originally, Makiyo was preparing to be infertile. He learned that the first reaction after pregnancy was scolding, but the man liked children very much.The kitten who had died before was "reborn", so he decided to leave the child.

After conceiving this child, Makiyo did not become a mother’s consciousness at all, and was publicly photographed to smoke during pregnancy. Facing the outside world question, the whole family did not care. Makiyo’s mother died because of lung cancer. Her sister and sister were accepting it.During the interview, he argued for Makiyo during pregnancy: "When our mother was pregnant, it was also mad smoking. The three children in our family were not good."

The consequences of rushing to get pregnant in a hurry to get pregnant is that the couple did not completely run in. When they encountered a problem, Makiyo gave birth to his son for 8 days and scolded her husband to perfuse themselves.But it is not limited to forcing her to drink water, putting her children under air -conditioning, changing diapers, grabbing confinement meals, and smoking mobile phones at the confinement center.Essence

Not only that, Makiyo also encountered a series of parenting problems in the future. The man was an amateur. There was no way to provide a better environment for Makiyo. Until divorce, both of them failed to hold a wedding.

Makiyo, who was still breastfeeding, had to be busy and put the child at home to participate in party accompanying wine at night, which also caused controversy.

Now I look back at the response of Makiyo’s friends. Although Makiyo has improper behavior, there are reasons. The reason why she participated in party accompanying wine was to do a good relationship with the brand’s senior management and fight for job opportunities.Essence

During Makiyo’s postpartum marriage, I once said: "To find someone who knows how to cherish me." It is also a rare sober moment in her life. Here I hope she knows how to cherish herself and go through a failure marriage.Makiyo’s Makiyo should also grow.

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