Acupuncture "Tongluo" can be infertile for women

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Zhang Yongxing Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Chief Physician, former expert of gynecological experts at Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.He has been engaged in Chinese medicine and acupuncture for more than 30 years, and is good at adopting acupuncture and drugs for treatment. Infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian stimulus signs, ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhea (internal disease), menopausal syndrome, menstrual headache, menstruation, menstruation, menstruationDifficulty in gynecological diseases such as diseases, breast hyperplasia, insomnia, obesity, ovarian dysfunction, and acupuncture ovulation.

Diagnosis time: Sunday morning, night clinic on Tuesday (17: 30-19: 30).

According to statistics, about 8%to 12%of the world’s population is infertility.In our country, with the pushing age of fertility, the influence of factors such as environmental and pressure, the number of infertility patients has exceeded 40 million, accounting for 15%of the population of childbearing age, that is, each 8 couples have infertilityPatients, the current situation of fertility is not optimistic.

Zhang Yongxing, chief physician of Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, has worked in gynecology for many years. With a small "silver needle" in his hands, he cleverly "click" these women’s infertility "symptoms".Zhang Yongxing introduced that many people think that acupuncture can only treat some chronic diseases. In fact, it can also treat women -related health problems, especially for infertility caused by polycystic ovary. The effect is obvious."If women want to get pregnant, they must have eggs. This is the most obvious common sense." Zhang Yongxing reminded that if the "big aunt" of childbearing age is lazy for three months, he needs to go to the hospital for treatment;, Ovarian atrophy may occur. If you want to get pregnant in the future, the treatment cycle is even longer.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are three main types of ovarian disorder, which are the types of liver stagnation, kidney deficiency, lack of qi and blood, and insufficient yang.After a certain age, the innate kidney qi will gradually weaken, which is also the main reason why women must raise children at the best birth period.Now many young women have poor living habits, such as staying up late, "staying up late hurts yang, and there is a yang to have a anger." The human body is a "small universe". From this perspective, it is particularly important to supplement yang.

Acupuncture treats women’s infertility. The most important thing is "Tongluo".The meridians are smooth, and the qi and blood circulation is normal, and the "small universe" will run smoothly.Zhang Yongxing said that acupuncture is not only "acupuncture", but also "moxibustion", which is the "moxibustion" that everyone is familiar with. The effect of moxibustion method is obvious.In addition, there are fire needles, ear needles, body needles, etc. in acupuncture treatment. With green therapy and other green therapy such as cupping and blood, it can remove cold and dehumidify in all directions, and nourish yang to nourish qi and blood.

"In simple terms, the principle of acupuncture is to make up for virtuality, but in fact, if the virtual reality is mixed, generally go to the real first, and then make up the deficiency." The treatment can be directly reached to the disease, which is a pure natural green therapy, and the efficacy is faster.Zhang Yongxing discovered that many women were particularly embarrassed. "Because of pain because of pain." Acupuncture methods that treat infertility are based on the main method, which is light stimulation. "Although rest assured, it doesn’t hurt."

Beijing News reporter Yue Qingxiu

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