Add one thing in chrysanthemum tea!Eliminate your belly!Downside!The eyes are on!Insomnia is gone!Super practical!

There is a kind of national net red drink in summer,

You must drink it,

That’s chrysanthemum tea

Because once the weather is hot, angry, sore throat …

Your mother will call you to drink quickly,

But is it really so powerful?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemums are sweet, bitter, slightly cold, and non -toxic. They have the effects of sparse wind and heat, flat liver and eyesight, antitussive, expectorant, and anti -inflammatory and detoxifying.


Due to the different colors, origin, and processing methods, chrysanthemums include tribute chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, Ji chrysanthemums, yellow chrysanthemums, white chrysanthemums, and chrysanthemums.

In addition to watching it, it is also divided into medicinal chrysanthemums and tea.Medicinal chrysanthemums: mainly yellow chrysanthemums and white chrysanthemums; tea uses chrysanthemums: chrysanthemums and chrysanthemums.

For different situations, drink different types of chrysanthemum tea ~

1 Drink Gongjuku

The main producing area is in Huangshan, Anhui.If the brewing time is long, even the tea soup is green.

Gongju has the purpose of clearing the liver and clear eyes, and is the eye protection recipe for "low -headed".

2 Throat and pain drink Hangju

Hangju is characterized by large flowers, divided into two types: Hangbaiju and Hang Huangju.Compared with Gongju, Hangju’s flower heart is darker, and the petals are easy to fall off after soaking.

Hangjuyan and tea soup are sweet. When the throat is swollen and painful, drinking tea made of Hangbaiju has a good improvement effect.

3 wind and heat, dizziness, drink chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum, also known as "Bai Ji" and "Chamomile", is the closest one in chrysanthemums.Its flower stamens are golden yellow and petals are white.

Chrysanthemum’s "evacuation wind heat" is more effective than other chrysanthemums. If the symptoms of "hot wind" such as dry throat and dizziness and bloating appear in summer, drinking the tea brewed with chrysanthemums can be relieved.

Chrysanthemum with ingredients is more healthy

Chrysanthemum is a very good health ingredients. If it is reasonably matched with other ingredients, it can produce different health effects ~

Chrysanthemum+red dates = rosy face

Add the washed red dates to the chrysanthemum tea together with boiling water. It has the effect of nourishing blood and spleen. Long -term drinking can make the face rosy and have a beauty effect.

Chrysanthemum+wolfberry = care of both eyes

Take 10g of Hangzhou Baiju, 20g of wolfberry, and drink boiling water. After drinking within a day, it can relieve eye fatigue and also have certain benefits for cardiovascular.

Chrysanthemum+hawthorn = protective blood vessels

Take 15g of chrysanthemums and 20g of raw hawthorn. Drink it after brewing with boiling water for 10 minutes, which can help prevent hyperlipidemia, reduce blood pressure, and dispel fat and appetite.

Chrysanthemum+mulberry leaves = improvement of "heat"

Take 5g of chrysanthemum and 5g of mulberry leaves. Use boiling water for 5 minutes and drink. Drink several times a day, which can improve the cold and cold.

Chrysanthemum+light bamboo leaves = comfortable sleep

Take 5g of chrysanthemum and 5g of light bamboo leaves. Use boiling water for 5 minutes and drink after 5 minutes, which can improve summer annoyance and insomnia.

These people should not drink these people

Deficient cold and cold

Such people are afraid of cold and cold, spleen and stomach deficiency, even in summer, there will be symptoms such as cold hands and feet, diarrhea gastrointestinal discomfort, chrysanthemum tea is cold, which will only increase its symptoms.

Chrysanthemum tea allergy

Some people have drinking chrysanthemum tea and allergies such as skin redness and swelling, rash, etc. This must not drink it ~

Cold and cold

Many people have a cold in the summer because of coldness, and it is not suitable for drinking.

Pregnant woman

During the pregnancy, the spleen and stomach are weak during pregnancy. Drinking more chrysanthemum tea can easily stimulate the stomach and stomach, cause stomach pain and diarrhea, and have the risk of slippery tires. It is best not to drink it.


The elderly’s spleen and stomach are weak. Drinking chrysanthemum tea may cause gastrointestinal diseases, and be cautious when drinking.

When you buy chrysanthemums, touch it with your hands. The soft and smooth feel is better. If the color is particularly white, it may be smoked with sulfur; natural chrysanthemums only have a light fragrance.It may be that sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard; natural chrysanthemums will change color after a long time. If you buy it for a few months, it may not change color, or sulfur is smoked; do not mistake wild chrysanthemums as chrysanthemums, wild chrysanthemums are spherical, flowers diameter diameterAbout 0.3㎝ ~ 1色, the colorful brown yellow, a small amount of brown.The main effect is clearing heat and detoxifying, which can treat bloating, scabies, and eczema.However, due to the strong coldness of wild chrysanthemums, it will hurt the spleen and stomach when it is taken or excessive for a long time, and adverse reactions such as stomach discomfort will not be used with chrysanthemums.

In midsummer, a cup of light chrysanthemum tea

Wild and refreshing, Xiangyuan Yiqing

Learn to drink it correctly and make yourself relaxed in summer ~

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