After 11 years of marriage, he experienced 11 abortion, and his mother -in -law "inverted" for 3 months to produce healthy baby girls

This Mother’s Day just passed, which is of great significance for Wang Lingling (pseudonym) of Renqiu City, Cangzhou. After experiencing the pain that ordinary people are unimaginable, she finally became a mother.

On May 9th, Wang Lingling held a daughter for more than a month to go to Cangzhou Central Hospital for a 42 -day review after giving birth. The doctor told her that "mother and daughter are normal."However, before Wang Lingling gave birth to a daughter, in order to keep the child, she had "inverted" in the lower foot on the bed for 3 months, and even the medical staff praised her as a "resolute mother".

On April 12, 2008, 23 -year -old Wang Lingling married her husband Li Lei (a pseudonym). After the marriage, the two had a good relationship. Both husband and wife liked their children and wanted to have the crystallization of love as soon as possible."It didn’t take long for me to get pregnant, but when I was 57 days of pregnancy, I suddenly saw red and went to the hospital for examination. The B -ultrasound showed that the child had stopped development." Wang Lingling said that the nightmare began at that time.After the four subsequent pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen occurred in 57 days, and the embryo stopped childbirth, and had to do artificial abortion.In the past 11 years of marriage, in addition to five embryos stopping, Wang Lingling has also experienced five natural miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy, which has been severely harmed.

Wang Lingling said that the problem is that the problem is that the problem must be on herself. In order to figure out the cause of the embryo, accompanied by her lover, Wang Lingling opened the road to seeking medical treatment.In the end, a vertical uterus was diagnosed in a Beijing hospital, which may affect fertility.As a result, the couple continued to consult in Beijing for two years, and did two "uterine adhesion pine solutions" and a "uterine vertical diaphragm" in this hospital in Beijing.

In July last year, Wang Lingling was pregnant again. When she was pregnant for one and a half months, she appeared red, took Chinese medicine, injections, and continued to protect the fetus.This time, the "57 -day" "Devil Day" was broken.For a while, happy, scared, embarrassed, looking forward to … all kinds of feelings came to mind.

For this difficult life, Wang Lingling resigned from work and kept her fetuses at home.When she was five and a half months pregnant, she went to Renqiu Huayou General Hospital for a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. The results showed that the cervix had been opened for two centimeters. The child had the danger of falling out at any time. The emergency cervical ring was needed immediately.Because this operation cannot be performed, the hospital recommends transferring to the hospital immediately.

Li Lei immediately contacted the Beijing Third Hospital. Because Wang Lingling was large in pregnancy and the risk of surgery was too high. In addition, he did not establish a file in the hospital, and the Beijing Third Hospital refused to accept it.

"The doctor of Renqiu Huayou General Hospital suggested that we go to the second department of the Central Hospital of Cangzhou City to find Dr. Xing Baoheng, saying that Dr. Xing is very experienced in performing a circular surgery.We immediately arrived at the Cangzhou Central Hospital and lived in the second department. "Wang Lingling said.

"When Wang Lingling was just admitted to the hospital, her heart rate was fast, and her breathing was a bit difficult. The fetus was a week younger.The risk is too high, and the success rate of the operation is only about 50%. "After a series of inspections, Doctor Xing performed surgery.

Although the surgery was successful, it was only the first step of the Long March of Wanli. It also had to pass the contraction, infection, and bloating … In order to reduce the pressure on the inner mouth of the cervix, Xing Baoheng asked to shake the sick bed and let Wang Lingling let Wang Lingling.Keep your head and low feet.

"It’s really suffering. It’s okay to lie down for a while. It is too uncomfortable for a long time, but for the sake of children, I can persist." Wang Lingling said that she "inverted" in the central hospital for three months, and she lay down for three months.Eating and drinking Lazar is in bed.It was not until March 27 that her daughter was born that her "new life" was ushered in.

"Mother and daughter are all normal, just go home to calm down." On May 9th, Xing Baoheng, deputy director of the secondary department of the Central Hospital of Cangzhou City, gave a conclusion after reading the inspection report of Wang Lingling and the child.Wang Lingling hugged her daughter, with a gratifying smile on her face.

Text/Yan Zhao Evening News Reporter Ma Dongsheng Correspondent Yu Peilina Tham/comes from the Internet

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