After a woman is pregnant, why do some navel eyes protruding some recessed?These 3 reasons have a great impact

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When women are pregnant, they are upgraded to expectant mothers, and there are some changes in psychology and body. Some expectations and responsibility have more sense of expectations and responsibility. Some pregnant mothers will also have anxiety and worry about their own careless children.But the most obvious thing should be physical changes, the stomach will increase day by day, and pregnant mothers will have pregnancy.

Of course, the physical changes are different in physical fitness.Pregnant mothers may also find that after the belly of different pregnant mothers increases, the navel eyes will become different.The direction of some pregnant mothers is raised outward, and some pregnant mothers are recessed inside.

So why are these two different forms?What are the influences on the baby in the belly?Pregnant mothers should not panic. Both different forms have no effect on the baby, but they cannot ignore it. Although it has no effect on the baby, it is related to Baoma.These three reasons give the answer, pregnant mothers must understand!

(1) Fetal growth is caused

Since the pregnancy, as the fetus continues to grow, the pregnant mother’s belly has become bigger and bigger, especially in the third trimester, it is even more round, and it also means that the pregnant mother is about to see her baby.The fetus keeps growing up the navel eye to be squeezed, so that there is a situation of turning out.

In addition, if the baby moves in the belly, it will also make the belly button protruding outward, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to protecting their belly, not let it be affected by external forces and hurt the baby.But if the pregnant mother has more abdominal fat and a little fat, the navel eye will be concave.

(2) Skin tight

Due to the different living habits and constitutions of each person, the skin condition of the pregnant mother is also different, which also affects the different forms of the navel eyes after pregnancy.If the skin of the pregnant mother is relatively firm, as the baby keeps growing, the skin of the belly will not be loose, and there will not be many stretch marks.

Generally, it is not painful to be supported by the fetus in the third trimester, so the navel eyes will not be protruded outward by the fetus.On the contrary, the pregnant mothers with relatively loose skin are prone to stretch marks, and the navel eyes will be protruded outward by the fetus.At the same time, the convex and concave is also related to the stretching force of the pregnant mother. The increase of the belly, the greater the pulling force, and the more obvious the navel eyes are.

(3) Body exhaustion

Women during pregnancy are very hard. As the fetus continues to grow up, the burden of the pregnant mother’s own body is getting heavier.In addition to being under pressure from the fetus, pregnant mothers may also cook every day and clean up their housework. It is still very tired in one day.If the pregnant mother is a woman in the workplace, she has to go to work during the day. After all, maternity leave is limited.

Then the body of the pregnant mother is even more tired.The more exhausted pregnant mothers, the greater the pressure on the pregnant belly, causing the navel eyes to protrude outward.Therefore, for the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, do not be too tired during pregnancy, work hard, and easily compress the fetus.

In addition to the above 3 o’clock, it is also related to the position and size of the fetus. If the baby’s head is large or upper, the navel eye of the pregnant mother is easily protruding.


Although the navel eyes have different forms during pregnancy, it is mostly related to the physical fitness of the pregnant mother. It will not have a adverse effect on the fetus.If it is particularly serious, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can go to the hospital for examination.

Did you notice what kind of form of the belly button when you are pregnant?Welcome to communicate with everyone!


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