After a woman’s fetal fetus, I don’t pay attention to these 4 things.

Fetal abortion is something that female friends are unwilling to face, but if the accident comes, fetal fetuses are indeed the best choice to solve trouble.The way of getting tires is: drug flow, curettage, artificial abortion, induction of labor.No matter which type of fetal tireing is chosen, it is very harmful to the body.Regarding the nursing care of tires, the folk is known as "small confinement". If you do not pay attention to care after the fetus, various tire sequelae are prone to occur.So what problems should women pay attention to after fetal fetus?

Note 1: First of all, no matter what kind of fetal method the patient choose, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment. If you choose abortion within 70 days, it is generally a way of drug flow and painless abortion. None of these two abortion methods do not need to needInpatient treatment, but abortion hurts the body. It is recommended that it is best not to work immediately after abortion and rest at home for a week.Conditions are recommended to rest for 2-3 days.

It is best to rest when you rest at home, spend less, and pay less.sleep more.If you have more than 3 months before you get a fetus, you can only choose the way of induction of labor. The induction of labor is similar to having a child, but it does not belong to the melon titan to open the palace to shrink the uterus by drugs.In principle, it is recommended to cultivate for one month.

Note 2: Pay attention to the hygiene of the private part after fetal. After abortion, there will be bloody secretions. That is because any miscarriage will cause certain damage to the endometrium.There will be differences in time.

Therefore, during this period, you must change the cotton cotton diligently and wash the private parts. It is best to choose a shower method for cleaning, because the basin bath may cause gynecological inflammation.

Note 3: It must be paid attention to the bleeding situation after the fetus.After the flow of people, there will be bloody secretions for a period of time like a child. The color is light red or red. The amount is generally from more to less. The middle may have a certain repetition due to exercise or other `s just normal.However, if the bleeding volume suddenly becomes a lot or the bleeding care time is too long, you must attract attention.

Abnormal bleeding must go to the hospital for examination in time.Because the flow of people may have incomplete flow of people.There may be remnant embryos in the uterus.So it is necessary to deal with it in time.

Note 4: It is best not to perform sex within 40 days after people flow.Because the recovery of the uterus after abortion takes time, sexual behavior is prone to infection if the uterus is not fully recovered.

It is best to rest for half a year after the flow of people to get pregnant. If there is no plan to get pregnant, safety measures must be taken when sexual behavior.Repeated fetal injuries hurt a woman’s body very much, which will cause life infertility.So women must be responsible for their bodies.

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