After being abandoned by the owner, the bitch hovering near the transportation island after pregnancy: All for safety

Wandering animals and dinner are very difficult, but for their children, they will work hard to do it.

Urban development is always accompanied by demolition, and residents in the old communities have also moved to other places. However, some pets are left in place, dissipating from memory like the dust in the wind.

About 7 months ago, a stray dog appeared at the center of the transportation around the road.Most of the day was lying on this small circular lawn, looking at the old town abandoned across the street.

After a long time, nearby residents gradually became familiar with the dog. Everyone speculated that this must be a dog left by residents moved by the old town, and it will also provide it with some help that can be able to help it.

Among them, a woman is particularly concerned about the dog.She named the dog "Rolly", and she came to the hut to feed the dog food in front of the hut that everyone prepared for the dog every day.Even so, the dog is still very alert to her.

A while ago, the woman found that it was a little strange when feeding the dog: its stomach seemed uncomfortable, her nipples were swollen, and she looked at its rolling body, 80 % was pregnant.

You can’t let it run around on a dangerous road like this.The woman thought so, contacted the Animal Rescue Center, hoping that they could help catch this timid dog.

While the dogs went out for food, they installed fences next to the dog’s nest and put delicious food to seduce it. Unfortunately, from the day to night, the dog returned several times but did not walk in.

After dawn, the dog did not appear on the transportation around the transportation.Everyone thinks that the dog must be aware of it, so they are hiding, and the rescue operation must not be put on hold.

Until a few days ago, the dog suddenly appeared again, and his stomach was much smaller.The woman was worried about the dog’s physical condition, and hurriedly contacted the Animal Rescue Center again, and everyone restarted the rescue operation together.

Everyone was looking for places where dogs were often seen in these days, and they found 4 little milk dogs waiting to be fed in a bunch of dead branches.Through monitoring, everyone also confirmed that the bitch will come back to take care of the puppy at night.

After dawn, everyone dragged the tools, packed the puppy and closed it in the fence, waiting for the bitch to hook.In the evening, the returned bitch really guarded his heart and rushed into the fence without hesitation. In the end, the dog’s family was successfully captured.

After the veterinarian examination confirmed, the dogs and its children are healthy, and they are now placed in pet hospitals.But there is another question lingering in the minds of everyone: Why did the dogs insist on staying on the transportation of transportation?

The doctor explained so: the bitch may think that if it is in the open space in the middle of the traffic, it can be avoided by the threat of other animals.In other words, it is to protect itself and puppy, so it chose the most dangerous but the safest place.

The departure of the family allows the bitch to survive independently by themselves.I hope that in the future, the bitch and puppy can meet the responsible owners and live a happy life.

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