After being taken oral contraceptives, will the fetus be deformed?The doctor tells you the real answer!

Compound oral contraceptive pills (COC) are reformed to achieve contraception through orally. It is one of the contraceptive methods chosen by many female friends. When taking this drug, everyone will definitely have a lot of doubts. For exampleWill it affect fertility?Will it cause fetal malformations if you take it before or after pregnancy?Will the risk of death of the fetus?Is there any other role besides contraception?

The mechanism of COC contraception includes four aspects: first, inhibitory ovulation, mainly to achieve the purpose by regulating the reproductive shaft; second, the amount of cervical mucus is reduced and the viscosity is increased, which is not conducive to sperm penetration;The change in the proliferation of the endometrium is not conducive to the fertilized egg bed, and it is not conducive to embryonic growth and development. Fourth, interfere with the movement function of the fallopian tube, which affects the fertilized eggs to the uterus.The above is the mechanism of contraceptive pills.The COC that achieves contraceptive effects through these channels has no effect on pregnancy. The physiological cycle and fertility function after stopping the drug will gradually recover. Of course, if you accidentally take the COC before or after pregnancy, you will not increase the deformity of the child generationRate and fetal mortality.

In fact, COC not only has the role of contraception. It was initially promoted in the treatment of dysmenorrhea in Europe. Naturally, it can treat dysmenorrhea.In addition, it also has the effect of treating some abnormal uterine bleeding, acne, and hair.For patients with abnormal uterine bleeding without organic changes, COC to suppress endometrium hyperplasia, which can not only control abnormal bleeding, but also improve anemia caused by bleeding. Treatment of acne is mainly through inhibitory or reduced the production of androgen, so as to thusControl the growth of acne; polymlant is only a symptom, which is more common in clinical clinical polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Because the polymorphic is mainly related to excessiverogens in the body, COCs containing progesterone can fight androgen, which can be treated with treatment.effect.In fact, COC also has the effects of improving early syndrome and chronic pelvic pain.

Of course, COC has so many benefits, which does not mean that it can be taken casually, because it also has its own indications, taboos and precautions, and also has certain side effects, which needs to be given to the doctor to consider it.

(The drawings in the text are all data maps, for reference only)

(Author: Dang Ruiling, Master of Medicine)

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