After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, and I felt that it was impossible to be together.

He and I were introduced by the family members of both sides. I met on May 3rd. By November 28th, Totorara broke up. He also resigned for his work. The relationship between our two had always been very good.I also think that none of us can’t do without. Every night from the day of falling in love, we holding mobile phones and videos to sleep at 1 o’clock at night. From the beginning, there is nothing to say, and the two are slow.Talking slowly, but from the first time my parents said, I talked for so long and wanted the man to take me to his house to see his parents. He also did it, but his parents closed me outsideEarly, I later asked what education I was, what was the conditions at home, and what kind of character is her parents. When her parents asked, I only knew that I was selling cosmetics for people to work for others.There is a factory in the family that specializes in the anti -theft door, and the business is average. Our family sells children’s cars. I think the two are also considered to be a household!

That is to say this, because each of the mother wants her children to be happy. He is working in Kaifeng. Slowly, I also resigned from the outside world.It was all exposed. At first he was very good to me because he was a person who hadn’t passed and had never talked about love, but I talked.When he talked, he didn’t ask me so much, I told him that I was not a piece of white paper. I have my past. I also hope that the past will let it pass. I think he should be able to understand here.Over the object, I don’t think you need to care about it, so I went to bed at 10 o’clock in advance.When he was psychologically uncomfortable, I explained to him that everyone had a unbearable past. Since others do not want to mention you, do n’t ask if you do n’t want to ask. He himself knows that we have not betrayed each other with him, but in the endBecause in the past, the dislikes caused by now, he broke up. His parents did not persuade him to have a child and do not break up, but let him break up with me to find a family, have education, parents have the ability, and can buy him to buy him. He can buy him to buy him.I got married and the girl who bought the car was married, and I didn’t know what to say.

Think that he is like a child who is not weaned, and everything depends on his parents.I also told me that the child can marry a daughter -in -law in the future and will have 10 children. For his words, I am very angry. He is completely irresponsible.He sued the court because I was not protected by the law at all. The most hateful thing was that when I was 42 days of pregnancy, his mother called me to ask me to go to our maternal and child health hospital for a B -ultrasound.He and his aunt are waiting for me to finish the B -ultrasound. His family will ask the doctor if there is any painless abortion. I also asked how much money. The doctor also said that there was a second operation a day. I was very angry and very very angry.He said firmly that he did not fight. His family also said that his son smoked and drank the Chinese medicine I still drank before, and said that he was afraid of the fetal deformity of the brain. I thought you didn’t think of my child.After listening to it, my parents were very angry and said that I hadn’t died yet. In the future, I checked that I took my daughter to go, and in the end, it was gone.

His parents have never cared about me, knowing that pregnant his mother went to eat Xijiu and took some meat dumplings to my house. My mother joked that his family was really stingy.I took a grapefruit and took some oranges, less than 10 yuan in total. I also said that I didn’t laugh at her. Do you want me to meet me if you are not good at me?Everyone compares my heart. You should be good to you to me. Now I am really disappointed with him. I have no thoughts and opinions.In Guangzhou, which is a two -day train, you also know the consumption level of Guangzhou. If you live in the basement, you ca n’t return, nor does it mean that I pretend to be pity or what I ’m here.He will not agree with me, because how happy we used to be crying together now, marrying him in their family is also a person who has a child for his family and then divorced.

At least, at least I can live for my child. He and his family will never think about it. I do n’t know how to think for my parents. My parents and my sister also told me the future relationship.This child will be very hard in the future. He will be troubled for the child’s birth, and you will also think about the child’s household registration ID card. You will also think about the child’s school. These are just the beginning.How to marry someone to marry, I also said my own thoughts. I can’t leave my child. As a prospective mother, since the Lu himself chooses to be tired, you have to go on.Now I am almost 3 months pregnant, but there is no phone call from his parents.The human heart is long, I don’t know what their hearts do.He said that we were evil fate, and I regret meeting him, and destroyed myself for this.Do you say that such a family and actor are worthwhile to do this?

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