After breastfeeding, the chest C -cup is on the side of F Cup: No one tells me that these pains after being a mother

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The word "mother" contains major responsibilities and sacrifices and pay!

From the beginning of pregnancy, all the organs of the mother are escorting the fetus, and endure all kinds of pains that can’t sleep well. As long as the child is healthy, the mother is as sweet as.

At the moment of having a child, I was sweating and I just wanted to faint, but I thought of the child to be born. After the mother was dizzy, I woke up leisurely. Under the guidance of the doctor, the child gave birth to the child!

I thought that after the child was born, he could live a comfortable life, and he did not know that the child was the beginning of various difficulties after birth.

In order to allow children to get better nutrition, in order to make the child better immunity, and in order to allow children to get more sense of security, many mothers will breastfeed their children.

Everyone is advocating breastfeeding. For mothers, they can prevent various diseases. They can also help mothers lose weight. It is even more beneficial for children, but I do n’t know if breastfeeding is inappropriate, and it will hurt the mother’s physical and mental damage.It’s not small.

A young mother in the United States ABBIE, shared her breastfeeding experience with videos: after giving birth, no one told me that it would be like this!

After giving birth to her daughter, for the health of her child, ABBIE decided to breastfeed. I did not expect breastfeeding to make her like this. Her child was very picky when drinking breast milk. When drinking breast milk, she only liked to drink the left side.

At first, my mother felt that since the child likes to eat the left side, let her eat the left side. Anyway, the breast milk on the other side can make the child full.

Unexpectedly, the indulgration of young mothers for their children caused themselves that they could not recover.

After ABBIE opened her hair in the video, netizens saw her two chests.

The left side is like a gas ball, at least the F cup, but the other side seems to be the chest of a woman without pregnancy. The visual inspection should be the C cup.

The size of the size is too obvious.

ABBIE said: No one reminds me what happened if you let your child only suck the breasts. The breast on the left is as hard as stones, but the right side seems to have disappeared.

Abbie also laughed at himself, and it seemed like I had a failure of breast augmentation surgery.

Later, ABBIE consciously used the breast pump to suck the breast on the right. When the breasts on both sides were empty, it seemed that the gap became smaller. I did not expect to sleep.It’s really impossible to cry.

And because of incorrect breastfeeding, mothers with large and small breasts not only ABBIE, but also many mothers have such a phenomenon!

A mother said: Now my chest is large and small, it is already shaped, just like the water bag!

And the big and one small chest will indeed affect our image.It is not easy to deal with underwear.

Principle 1: Open the milk on both sides as early as possible

Half an hour to one hour after the birth of the child is the strongest stage of sucking ability. At this time, although the mother’s breasts have not yet started to swell, they must also let the child suck as soon as possible. When the child sucksThe secretion of the plain stimulates the milk secretion of milk, and sucks as soon as possible on both sides, which is conducive to the breasts on both sides that can secrete milk at the same time.

It can also allow children to suck both sides to avoid the occurrence of size and chest.

Principle 2: Remember to make up for breastfeeding during breastfeeding

For example, drink all kinds of pork feet soup, chicken soup, soup, or eating big fish and meat every day, which will cause the mother’s intake to be too high. Once the fat is too high, the milk will become more sticky, the flow velocity will be flowing, the flow velocity will beIt will also become slower, which can easily lead to mastitis.

If the mastitis of the mother has repeatedly occurred, and the severe need to go to the hospital to cut it for drainage, this will affect the appearance of the mother’s chest, and even affect the mother’s health and the baby’s rations.

During breastfeeding, diet should be balanced. Not only should you eat fish and egg milk, but also vegetables and fruits. The main grains must not only eat rice noodles, but also have some coarse grains.

Principle three: Breastfeeding must be balanced on both sides

If the mother’s milk is too much, the child is full of breast milk every time the child eats, then you have to drink the breasts on the other side to avoid drinking the breasts for a long time.

Otherwise, the breasts on one side are more stimulated and the milk secretes more, so it will cause the breasts here to look larger.

In addition, if the breast is not stimulated for a long time, it will cause milk secretion to slowly decrease or even become smaller, so it is easy to form with size and chest.

Principles 4: It is best to naturally milk

It is recommended that breast milk feed until the child is about two years old and then naturally breastfeed. If there is no way to feed the child to two years old, weaning at 6 months or about one year old should be gradually advanced.On the second day, I do n’t give my child a day immediately.

Naturally, the milk refers to one month in advance. The mother began to slowly reduce the number of children’s breast milk. From 6 times to 5 times 4 times, 3 times and twice, slowly stop drinking the child.

During the milk period, my mother also drank too much as much as possible to stimulate the soup and water secreted by milk. Eating it lightly can help the mother’s breasts slowly recover and avoid severe chest deformation.

Breastfeeding mothers should make early milk and weaning slowly to avoid severe chest deformation.

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