After discovering pregnancy, don’t be afraid of these symptoms of the body. This is the baby’s health signal

It is a great test for women. Especially for the first time to be a mother in a mother, it is really excited, but because there is no experience, I want to know how the child’s development is in my heart.I would think that the baby had a problem with the baby’s stomach, which made the whole person nervous. In fact, the baby is not as fragile as the mothers think. In fact, these are the health of the baby’s health.

Initial sleeping in the early pregnancy, no appetite

The symptoms of pregnancy may not be obvious in the early pregnancy. Some women may be the first mother, so they may not know much about pregnancy. Even some confused women do not know that they already have little babies at this time. IfYour menstrual period is delayed and the phenomenon of being tired and drowsiness appears

Even what I usually like to eat, there is no appetite after seeing it. At this time, the mothers must pay attention. This may be the baby to report it, but do n’t judge it early. You can first follow the home test paper.Test it, and then go to the hospital for a detailed examination to determine the results.

A appetite is greatly changed to vomiting

One of the cases that often appear on expectant mothers during pregnancy are pregnancy vomiting. This is mainly due to the increase in progesterone in the body, which will cause the body’s endocrine to change. Because the body has not adapted to this situation for a while

There will be pregnancy vomiting, and pregnancy vomiting will also make mothers disgusting food. At this time, mothers may wonder if the baby does not like to eat.Fast will stimulate these reactions in the body.

It doesn’t matter if the fetal movement is frequent

The fetal movement will occur in about 6-7 months in the third trimester. At this time, the fetus has been formed and can be moved freely in the mother’s belly. Although it will also have slightly fetal movements in 3 months, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this timeThe phenomenon of fetal movement is not very obvious, especially this obvious fetal movement phenomenon will only occur until the third trimester. The fetal movement may make the mothers nervous about the pain of contractions. At this timeIn fact, this is just a way for the baby to interact with the mother, and it proves that the baby is very strong, and is telling the mother to meet.

Therefore, novice Baoma do not have to worry too much. These are normal reactions. They do not have to pay attention to the baby’s dynamics at all times, so that they can have a sense of nervousness. Perform regularly in the hospital for a birth checkup. If there are problemsHave you been happy after you know this!

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