After divorcing my husband, I found that I was pregnant. Should the child stay?

I introduced it with a friend with her husband. He is very considerate and takes care of people. This is how my heart was captured by him.We were married after two years of love.

He is a very career man, and I am, no matter what, we are all for our home.The life after marriage is a bit bland. We are busy working during the day. We can go home at night to shoulders on our shoulders.

Slowly, we also began to have contradictions. My husband complained that my master’s work was complained. Regardless of the family, his clothes had always been ironed by himself.I do n’t know how to cook, and he did dinner. The main thing is that he wants children, but my career is still on the rise. I do n’t want to have children so soon.

I know he likes children, and his mother -in -law also urged him to hug his grandson, but I still don’t want children.One day he came back and told me divorce, saying that he was drunk and had a relationship with a woman outside. The woman still had his child.

I immediately divorced him with a madness.I really hate him, and I never thought he would do something sorry for me, but I do n’t know what, the more I hate him, the more I ca n’t let him go.

After two months, I felt very uncomfortable. I thought I would sleep well, and I just got up, but I did n’t. I went to the hospital for an examination and knew that I was pregnant!

At that moment, I really couldn’t help crying. I didn’t know that I was happy?Still sad.This child is really coming too much. If I want children earlier, maybe our marriage is not placed at the point of today, but what’s the use of these?

I listened to my ex -husband’s friend and said that he was ready to marry that woman into the door.What does it mean to find him now?I am really messy now. Should I tell my ex -husband to know this child?Am I knocked it out?Or do you give up?

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