After drinking a bottle of beer, how long will it take to drive on the road?It is not recommended to be less than this time

After drinking a bottle of beer, how long will it take to drive on the road?This is a common question, but the answer is not a simple number.According to different situations, the answer may be different.

First of all, we need to understand what alcohol concentration is.Alcohol is a chemical that can cause the central nervous system to react. Generally, it is measured by ancient units, called "alcohol" (ABV).A bottle of beer is usually 5 % -6 %, which means that it contains 5 % -6 % pure alcohol.When we drink a bottle of beer, alcohol is absorbed into our blood, which increases our alcohol concentration.

Everyone’s metabolic speed is different, so the digestion time of alcohol in the human body will be different.Some factors can affect digestion time, such as weight, gender, food intake, liver health, and so on.

Under normal circumstances, the alcohol concentration of a bottle of beer takes about an hour to digest for a 150 pound (68 kg) person.However, this is just an estimated value.If a person does not eat and drinks a lot of wine in a few minutes, his alcohol concentration will rise quickly and the digestive time will be shortened accordingly.On the contrary, if a person drinks slowly after eating, his alcohol concentration will be low and the digestive time will be extended accordingly.

In any case, the driving time after a bottle of beer is incomplete.The U.S. Beverage Administration recommends that at least 60 minutes after consumption of alcoholic beverages before driving, so that your body has enough time to digest alcohol.In addition, the traffic management department often conducts drunk driving inspection operations, and the three differences will seize the behavior of drunk driving on the road.Among all traffic violations, the punishment of drunk driving and drunk driving may be the strictest. Drunk driving will not only face high fines and deductions, but also be punished by criminal punishment.For your own safety and the safety of others, try to avoid driving after drinking.

After summing up this information, I want to remind everyone again: please do not drink before driving.Drunted after drinking may seriously endanger your safety of you and others.Please cherish the life of yourself and others, this is the responsibility of each of us.In this regard, I don’t know what else do you think?

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