After getting engaged, I found that I was pregnant. Instead of being unhappy, the prospective mother -in

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My boyfriend and I introduced themselves. After more than a year of getting along, it was basically smooth.After seeing both parents of both parties, we were still satisfied. We were engaged recently.We agreed to hold a wedding at the end of the year during the engagement.

It didn’t take long after that, that was, in last month, I found that I was pregnant, and I was surprised and happy to find this. He was very happy to tell his boyfriend at the beginning.

I thought I was going to get married soon, so I felt that I was pregnant now.However, it was not so simple. After my boyfriend told his mother, the prospective mother -in -law quickly showed what she meant, saying that the child could not be needed and let me do it.

After knowing it, I was surprised. I don’t know why the prospective mother -in -law was like this. Her boyfriend only said vaguely that her mother was not good -looking.I don’t know where it is not good -looking.

The next day I went to my boyfriend’s house and asked her what it meant. It turned out that the prospective mother -in -law thought that when our marriage was coming, I was pregnant for more than six months. At that time, the stomach was big.Mowing

It turned out that my mother -in -law thought so. I said that at that time, I should not be able to see the wide wedding dress. My mother -in -law shook her head and did not agree. No, I did n’t believe it.I said that the wedding was held in advance, and I did it when I couldn’t see it. I did not expect that she did not agree, and said that she had given relatives, friends, seven aunts, and eight aunts, and neighbors of the neighborhood.It is not auspicious.

I didn’t expect her to have so face and stubbornness. When she left, she was angry and never made her a little concession.

Later, she asked her boyfriend to urge me to get a fetus. The boyfriend also asked me to do it softly. Don’t let his mother angry, it’s okay to do it.

When he heard him say so badly, I asked him how painful and dangerous for a woman. He even said that he was just a fetus. How could he be speechless on the spot.

Since he came to persuade me, I don’t want to care about him, but later he even threatened me with his mother’s words, saying that if I do n’t do this, I do n’t agree with us to get married.Let’s get married and don’t see a bad side.

It is unrealistic to not get angry with him now. I haven’t told my family yet. I don’t know what my family will mean. I know this problem cannot be too dragged.What do they mean?

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