After giving birth to a child, I have been in pain and dare not sit back and dare not lie?Expert support to relieve

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After giving birth to a baby, many novice mothers will feel that their physical condition is not the same as before fertility.Not only are you looking well and sleepy, but also unbearable back pain. In severe cases, you ca n’t even dare to sit or lie.

Clinically, backache back pain is called "non -specific back pain", which is a "spontaneous back pain", which generally refers to lumbar and back pain that is unknown.Back pain.

Will every mother have postpartum back pain?

Is it possible to have backache back pain every mother?The answer is possible, but the degree of pain is different.

I believe that in life, I have seen pregnant women who are more than 8 months pregnant.I do n’t know if you pay attention. When they get up, they often hold one hand armrest in one hand, then hold their stomachs forward, hold the waist with the other hand, and slowly stand up.

Why is this so?Because when women are pregnant, the baby’s weight in the belly is concentrated on the waist of pregnant women.In October, the child grows older, and the weight is increasing every day, and the burden on the waist of pregnant women also increases every day. Over time, it will cause waist soreness.

After children are produced, some women will alleviate with the burden on the waist, and the symptoms of pain can be relieved, but some people still have pain.

Why do you still have back pain after giving birth?

The main causes of women’s postpartum back pain are excluded from the cause of the disease.

The first reason is: changes in walking posture and gait during pregnancy.Women’s weight gain during pregnancy and the change of gravity change. In order to increase the stability of standing and walking, they have to adjust the posture and gait of walking.With an abnormal posture and gait for a long time, the structure of the spine and even the curvature of the lumbar spine have changed, which causes a series of problems.In order to maintain balance and stability, the muscles and ligaments of the fixed lumbar spine will change. The muscles that should be relaxed become tense. The ligament that should be pulled in response is prolonged due to changes in the posture.

If the bad posture lasted for a long time, and it was quickly adjusted, then there are generally no major problems. After all, the human body’s bone joints, muscles and ligaments have a certain flexibility and can achieve "self -healing".

However, if it has not been adjusted for a few months or even years, a bad posture will increase the waist problem. The most obvious manifestation is the pain of the waist.

The second reason is the cause of endocrine.When women are pregnant, the endocrine system will go through a special period.In order to allow the next generation of "landing" safely, the human body will spontaneously adjust to promote the loanin of the secretion of the secretion of loaning the bone joints and ligaments, which will cause pregnant women to develop uncomfortable symptoms.

The third reason is that when the fetus is near childbirth, the nerves and ligaments of the lumbosacral region are compressed, which causes the waist to sore and pain.

It can be said that the entire process from pregnancy to production, women have to go through suffering, and waist pain is one of the tests.

How to relieve back pain after giving birth

So, how to relieve back pain after giving birth?

1. Staying in bed: Instant back pain, rest in bed rest. At the same time, pay attention to observation, which movements or situations cause low back pain, and try to avoid it in the future life.

2. Hot compress: Use large -grained salt (marinated salt/washing salt) to stir -fry the thick cloth bag, and then apply it to the pain, which can play a role in removing dampness and cold.Hot compresses can promote blood circulation, especially during postpartum breast milk, you can choose this method first.

3. Massage and acupuncture therapy: Maternal is maintained. Do not lie on the bed during lactating women to prevent breast compression from causing mastitis.Massage and acupuncture can make the spasm muscle tissue briefly relaxed. In the early days of pain, it has the effect of pain, but go to a regular hospital to ask professional doctors for massage and acupuncture.

4. Improve bad posture: the key to improving the waist soreness of maternal.When women are pregnant, the posture of walking and sleeping will change a little bit unknowingly.After production, most people did not adjust their previous bad postures, so although the burden on the lumbar spine was reduced, the back pain did not improve, and some even became more serious.Therefore, women should pay attention to improving the posture of walking and sleeping, and slowly adjust to the state before pregnancy, so that the situation of low back pain will improve.

Whether it is a maternal or other people, it should have the concept of "prevention -oriented".If you have the situation of waist soreness, you must attract attention, discover early, analyze the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

Tang Qin, Deputy Secretary -General of the Popularization Expert Committee of the Chinese Medical Association

Guan Guan Expert: Fang Yangong, deputy director of the Acupuncture Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences

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