After giving birth to the baby, the ring hemorrhage is serious. How much do you know about the precautions of the new mother on the ring?

After the new mother produced, her body slowly recovered, and her new dad gradually returned to the same room.However, the new mother’s contraception must be after the production, but the new mothers may have some doubts about which contraception method to choose.Faced with the "upper ring" contraceptive method that most women choose, the new mothers don’t seem to know well. They can always hear some side effects, but it is better than other contraceptive methods.

How much does the new mother know about Shanghuan?

"Shang Ring" mainly refers to a long -acting contraception method used by women in my country. Among them, "ring" refers to the in -palace.The meaning of a woman on the ring is to place a birthpool in a woman’s uterine cavity.

The in -palace of the inner palace is mainly made of stainless steel, plastic, silicone rubber and other materials. Its shapes include single rings, twist rings, mixed rings, birthpractions, T -shaped rings, etc.If you add progesterone or copper in the birth ring, the contraceptive effect can be improved. It is called a medicine or active palace internal bareer.A nodular without medicine is called an inert palace.

What are the side effects of Shanghuan?

1. Increase in leucorrhea: If you use the intrauterine in the palace with a tail, it will cause the cervical secretion to increase.At the same time as the increase in leucorrhea, abdominal pain and full -body fever have discomfort, you should seek medical examination in time.

2. Backache or lower abdomen pain: After the ring is on the ring, the birthpool will cause contractions, causing slight lower abdomen pain and back pain.

3, a small amount of bleeding: 3-4 days after the board, because the internal adnadeter’s uterine contraction is contracted, the cervical pipe endometrium will be rubbed, so that it causes bleeding.Generally speaking, there is no need to treat the amount of bleeding, and it will be recovered in a week.

4. Infection: In order to avoid infection, doctors will strictly disinfect the vagina, vulva, and endometrium of women when they are on the ring, and avoid infection.However, because the intercourse is frequent before the ring is released, the history of intercourse, or the history of inflammation of reproductive tract can cause women to be infected.

5. Increased menstrual flow: The first three months after the upper ring, women’s menstrual cycle will be prolonged and irregular bleeding.

6. Causes men’s discomfort: It may cause pain and even injury due to the strong or too long of the internal palace -saving tails used by women.Need a doctor to change the length of the tail.

The new mother should be cautious, pay attention to matters

The situation mentioned above belongs to normal side effects, but if the symptoms are more serious, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. If the treatment is invalid, you need to take out the internal aduarator and use other contraceptive methods.At the same time, pay attention to the following precautions after the upper ring.

1. Regular review: The first, third, and sixth months after the upper ring will go to the hospital for review, and then review at least once a year.

2. Avoid intercourse: One week before and after the upper ring, the sex life should be prohibited.

3. Prevent infection: Do not take a bath within 4 weeks. You can use a shower or rubbing bath to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina and cause infection.Avoid underwater operations and jump activities within 5 weeks.

4. Whether the menstrual period is on time: If you find that you have not come to menstruation for 1-2 months, you need to be alert to whether you are pregnant. You should go to the hospital for a diaphragm review as soon as possible, and do pregnancy tests to confirm the diagnosis.

5. Bringing ring pregnancy: Once diagnosed is a ring of pregnancy, go to the hospital as soon as possible, because it can only induce labor when it is treated for more than three months, which can cause great damage to the body.

6. Whether the birthplaces of the birthplace fall off: Some women may be washed away due to more menstrual blood, so they are often accompanied by lower abdomen falling and tenderness.Therefore, you must pay attention to whether the birth ring has fallen off. Once you find it off, you can go to the ring again if you have no taboos, but if you repeatedly fall off, you need to use other contraceptive methods.

When is the appropriate time after delivery?

The upper ring can be considered for immediate, after 42 days after delivery, 3 months after delivery, and 6 months after cesarean section.If the menstruation has been recovered, the ring is 3 to 7 days after the menstruation is clean; if the menstruation has not yet recovered, it should be ruled out to be on the ring after pregnancy.If there are abnormal situations such as exposure, uterine bleeding, puerperium infection, etc., you need to consider the upper ring after the disease is cured.During the breastfeeding period, the uterine cavity is small and the wall of the palace is also thin. The doctor should measure the uterus and use the appropriate internal internal internal health.After stopping breastfeeding and normal uterus, you need to replace a slightly larger intrauterine health.

Sheung Wan is a small operation without being hospitalized.Considering the postpartum mothers of Sheung Wan, they should go to the hospital at the appropriate time mentioned above. Preditable gynecological examinations, leucorrhea routine examinations, and body temperature. If no abnormalities are found, you can go to the outpatient operating room.

There are many types of in -palaces. After years of practical improvement, most of the hedian -saving devices are now used in clinic.Round, T -shaped, V -shaped, Y -shaped and chain -shaped.Different materials and different shapes of hedging device have their own characteristics, so they can be suitable for women who are different constitutions and needed. The surgeon needs to comprehensively judge according to the size, form of the postpartum mother’s uterus, and the situation of the previous upper ring.ring".

Reminder: The Sheung Wan cannot be carried out blindly. It is necessary to implement the regular doctors. If you go to an irregular doctor clinic, it is easy to cause vaginal infections due to inadequate disinfection.Due to different personal constitution, the symptoms and degrees of diseases occur are different, but once a serious side effect is found, it should be treated in time.

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