After menstrual blood, can you "tell" where your body is sick?If there are 5 kinds of performance, don’t ignore

It is said that women always have a few days a month, which actually refers to menstruation.I do n’t know if the careful woman has found such a situation, that is, some menstrual blood color, each time there will be differences.Some women have a darkest color of menstrual blood and even accompanied by blood clots, but some women have very light menstrual blood.What are the causes of this?

First of all, let’s find out how menstrual blood is formed, what kind of normal menstrual blood color is

The formation of menstrual blood is a mix of uterine endometrium, uterine mucus, and private secretions that are mixed with the regular descending of the uterus in the uterus.Under normal circumstances, the color of menstrual blood should be darker, and carefully observe, you can also see some thin endometrium, and occasionally the menstrual blood will appear into pieces.

If menstrual blood color is light red, even light pink

If your aunt’s blood color is very light, it may be related to the low hemoglobin content in the blood. At this time, you must consider whether he is anemia.At this time, if the menstrual blood color is light red, the menstrual flow will become less and less, and you should replenish qi and blood as soon as possible.You can wait until the end of menstruation, eat more iron -containing foods, such as wolfberry, gelatin, and animal blood, which can alleviate this symptom.

If the color of the menstrual blood is dark red and black

If the aunt’s blood shows dark red, this usually appears when the aunt just comes, or it is about to end.If the aunt who shows darkness during menstruation, it is to be careful of uterine diseases.There are many common uterine diseases, common ones are uterine fibroids. If you are also accompanied by symptoms of dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain at this time, go to the hospital for further examination.

If the menstrual blood color is brown, the odor is heavy

If you find that your menstrual blood color is brown, and there is a very heavy odor and the amount of menstrual blood, there are still two reasons for this situation.One is because of endocrine disorders. If women have previously performed husband and wife life, they may be a signal of pregnancy.Another reason is caused by gynecological inflammation.When the private parts are occupied by trichomonas and bacteria, not only will it affect health, but also abnormal menstrual blood.

If the blood volume is too low

The menstrual flow is too small. Although it is a more common phenomenon, it also represents that the level of hormones in women’s body is too small, or personal emotional abnormalities.In order to improve this phenomenon, in addition to regulating your own mood state, you can also eat more foods that supplement estrogen and let your body return to the right track.

If women’s dysmenorrhea is severe

Dysmenorrhea is a problem that many women will face, but if the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea is too serious, not only will there be pain in the abdomen, but also cause abnormal pain in the back and breasts, which brings huge torture to women.The cause of dysmenorrhea is related to prostaglandins secreted by women.To relieve, in addition to the use of drugs, women should also pay attention to protecting the uterus. A few days before menstruation, warm water to warm the lower abdomen can help improve dysmenorrhea.

For women, the aunt needs to go hand in hand for more than half of her life, and pay more attention.Women can take a lot of effort to see the color of menstrual blood when menstruation comes. In contrast, whether the above is in line with the above situation, and make a normal improvement method.Doing so can not only help us better understand our physical conditions, but also prevent diseases and help health.

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