After playing 200 face -lifting needles, how crazy Wang Qianhua was Wang Qianhua, "a sister in the countryside"

In September, when Wang Qianhua was nominated for the Best Actress of the Golden Eagle Festival with "Graphic of the Year of the Year", we remembered this long -not -seeing actress.She is a sister of rural drama, and the real rural drama ratings queen.

For a long time, Wang Qianhua has been focusing on rural types of TV series, and has also entered millions of households with the rustic shape in the soil.I do n’t know when, Wang Qianhua on the screen suddenly changed, and later even “disappeared”.So what happened to her, so there is such a big change?

If you have watched "The Woman of the Family", then you will not underestimate Wang Qianhua, an actress.Once upon a time, when Zhang Juxiang appeared in the rustic clothes in the soil, he became a "beautiful girl" with a lot of people.Even though she was 31 years old, she didn’t look inferior to those young.

Although with this role, she became famous and won the Best Actress of the Flying Sky Award, but Wang Qianhua was still unconfident in her heart.After all, when you are pursuing for many years, when you are easy to get, people will always feel light.She has waited too long for this dream.

On the day when he was admitted to the Xi’an Art School at the age of 16, Wang Qianhua was looking forward to his fame.However, because of looks, he has always been the supporting role.Later, Wang Qianhua thought about the disadvantage of covering the acting skills and admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama, but he has been a supporting role.After finally having the protagonist’s chance, it finally became a empty.

At the age of 27, the director of a TV series "Northern Story" invited Wang Qianhua to play the heroine.For this reason, Wang Qianhua was excited for a long time and turned the script to study it carefully.But when I came to the start of the filming, she suddenly told her to change and replaced it with Mei Ting, which was much more beautiful than herself.

Later, the director of the TV series "Military Songs Liang" invited her to be the heroine. Wang Qianhua was looking forward to being nervous this time.As a result, he was replaced and became a goddess -level Chen Xiaoyi.

After two accidents, beautiful became a wound that Wang Qianhua wanted to say but couldn’t say.But most of the words of pretty are inherently born, what can she do?Born behind others, I can only wait for the opportunity.

Kung Fu is worthy of care, and the opportunity is finally coming.It is ridiculous that Wang Qianhua found that he was pregnant.She wanted a chance to prove herself. She thought about boarding TV day and night. When Wang Qianhua determined that she would play, she would make a difficult choice. She flowed off her child.

Wang Qianhua thought that she was not beautiful, so even if she was crazy, she had to seize every hard -to -come opportunity.There is no spark in this drama, but she can also be seen by others on TV.Therefore, even if his marriage and family are fragmented, Wang Qianhua feels worth it.

Zhang Juxiang has achieved her film and television career, and also made her find a turnaround for her career.Perhaps the word beautiful may not be so important to play a new path.But fate seemed to be a joke, let Wang Qianhua chase "beautiful" for a lifetime.

After divorce, it is actually a relief for Wang Qianhua.A marriage can break down, it is definitely not just as simple as killing the child.The gap between her and her husband is very large, and the two are always the Cold War after they get married.As the so -called old is not going, the new one does not come, Wang Qianhua soon walked out of the shadow of divorce and started his new life again.

Her career is better and better. After "The Woman of the Family", film and television resources have continued, and they will no longer repeat the tragedy of being temporarily replaced.Even later, she encountered her love for her life, bravely "chasing the husband thousands of miles", looking for her true happiness.

Although Wang Qianhua was 42 years old at that time, she was looking forward to her future life.Looking at a beautiful future and a new marriage life, I felt that I had reached the peak of life.But fate is impermanent, and too many unexpected blocking her beautiful dreams, let Wang Qianhua fall into the bottom of the valley overnight.

As we all know, the director’s requirements for actresses are strict.But Wang Qianhua became more and more fat as she was young, but she was also fattening, but in order to work, she always dared not eat well, but she overeating when she was hungry.

Endocrine disorders, after the treatment of drugs, because of side effects, it is unpredictable.But Wang Qianhua didn’t want to give up his career, but could only find a way to maintain the level of the director.

According to her introduction in the CCTV variety show "Very Star Release", in order to better go mirror, she made a micro -shaping. In order to solve the swelling, the beauty doctor gave her a full 200 needles on her face.Honeycomb coal.This complete set of complete sets is not only effective, but worse than before.

Swelling on his face tried to solve it, but his body could not lie to people, and Wang Qianhua could only exercise himself.In order to lose weight, she said that she had not eaten a meal for 14 days, and was slightly effective.But after the shooting was really started, the whole person was so hungry that he couldn’t continue at all.

Wang Qianhua thought that her career was afraid of it, and the whole person was very low.Fortunately, some people escorted this that she was not beautiful.

It stands to reason that Wang Qianhua has become this way, and she looks afraid of it, but the husband around him has never disliked her.Accompanying his wife to make plastic surgery all the way, lose weight with his wife, watch her suffer, and wait for her to suffer.Even for his wife, he was willing to adjust his career planning.

Originally, her husband was an actor and had no fame.When I was with Wang Qianhua, I often felt inferior.But he really likes Wang Qianhua and does not want to see his wife so much.Therefore, he was the director from the actor’s transformation and let his wife be the heroine, so that there would be no pressure to lose weight.

Sure enough, after hearing that he could continue to be the heroine, Wang Qianhua was in a lot of good mood, and his life was much more normal.The state of a person is good, and he is pregnant unexpectedly.Her husband accompanied the pregnant wife to prepare for pregnancy, leaving the child to give birth to a child. Until Wang Qianhua could come out to work, the TV series officially began to shoot.

Looking at the works of Wang Qianhua and her husband Shen Hang in recent years, it can be found that Shen Hang has reached several film and television works, all of which are Wang Qianhua as the heroine, and even outside the actor, Wang Qianhua also helped her husband as a producer.Husbands and wives do better work.

It turns out that they succeed."The Year of the Year of the Year of the Esseletes" appeared on a central set, and the TV series won the Flying Award.And the latest "Moon is the Hometown Ming" in September, it is still an old partner, and the response to the broadcast is also very warm.

Now Wang Qianhua is still not as beautiful as Mei Ting and Chen Xiaoyi, and the whole person is still a little fat.However, in the eyes of her husband, it is normal to be placed in film and television dramas in real life.Someone likes her like this, Wang Qianhua naturally does not need to change hard.

Wang Qianhua, who is just 50 years old, is grateful to everything in life.Perhaps if she didn’t have any trouble at the beginning, how could she know her husband loved her so much?I also saw that even if I was fat, there were still audiences like themselves, which was enough.

In the future, Wang Qianhua cherishes everything he has, and also strives to find a better herself.I wish you can also create good works, and I hope that my family can be happy.

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