After pregnancy, B -ultrasound was performed. What was going on without the gestational sac?

Women’s B -ultrasound can observe the normal of the pregnancy sac in the early pregnancy, and some women do not know when they can do B -ultrasound for the pregnancy sac because they do not know. Generally speaking, it can be about 5 weeks of pregnancy.conduct.

Generally speaking, the B -ultrasound can judge that women’s pregnancy is mainly judged by checking the pregnancy sac. The gestational sac is full of amniotic fluid and wrapped in a developed fetus. Under normal circumstancesIt is a layer of white edge.Women will gradually form in about 5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, B -ultrasound can produce clear images, and doctors can accurately see the pregnancy sac.

Some women conducted blood tests to judge that they were pregnant, but they were not found in the B -ultrasound examination at 5 weeks of pregnancy. This made them particularly strange. In fact, they did not find these reasons when B -ultrasound.

1. Extra pregnancy

If the value obtained during the blood test is around 1500 ~ 2000, and the B -ultrasound does not see the fetal sac, it may occur at ectopic pregnancy.

Second, abortion

If the blood test is performed, it is found that the HCG level decreases, and the gestational sac is not found after the B -ultrasound examination.

Third, the pregnancy sac is too small

Sometimes women will not find the pregnancy sac because the pregnancy cycle is relatively short and the pregnancy sac is relatively small.

Generally speaking, women can perform B -ultrasound in about 5 weeks after pregnancy to determine whether they are really pregnant and fetal condition. During the B -ultrasound, if there is abnormalWhen you do n’t find the fetal heart and fetal buds, do n’t be too nervous because it ’s too short and the fetal development is not strong enough. In this case, you need to perform a B -ultrasound in a few days. Do n’t let yourself be too nervous.There will be errors in time, but too nervous are not good for your body.

Warm reminder that pregnant women need to be urinating in the early pregnancy check, because the fetus in the uterus at this stage has not completely grew up. If there is no urination examination, the uterus will be blocked by the bladder.Let the bladder fill the bladder, let the uterus fully appear, and make the doctor better check.

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