After pregnancy, be sure to prepare for delivery

Speaking of preparation for childbirth, I think that many pregnant women are most enthusiastic about the preparation of items, including the items produced, the items of the newborn, the bottle of breastfeeding preparation, the pacifier or something.There are also many pregnant families who buy some books for childbirth and childcare to read.

There is nothing wrong with the preparation of items, and I will use it. What I want to say today is prepared for childbirth. These are the best, most, and most important thing to meet our smooth delivery.

You see, when most people are afraid, worry, fear, and confidence, most of the people know that there is a pain in giving birth to children. It is dangerous to have children and ghosts.It will have a great impact on smooth delivery, and it will not be relaxed because of psychology. The body muscles have been in a state of tense. The cervix becomes very hard. The contraction becomes very painful.Slow, your physical strength loss is very large during the long childbirth. Such a childbirth experience is very bad. In the end, it may be difficult to produce or cesarean section.

So after pregnancy, we must have a prepared childbirth, just like preparing for pregnancy. We start preparing half a year or a year in advance. The same is true for delivery. I need to start preparing after pregnancy.It was only about the expected date of due date, but it was a little too late.

Come to a prepared childbirth, first change the concept of old childbirth, and clear the bad impression of bad delivery in the head, and start actively studying the theoretical knowledge and practice pain reduction skills of childbirth, such as deep relaxation skills, self -selfHypnosis, breathing skills, etc., the sooner you prepare for your childbirth, the better. If your family prepares together, you will get greater support and encouragement during delivery. At the same time, you will be consistent with your childbirth concept.The family has the confidence of childbirth baby, has a beautiful childbirth experience, and enhances the family’s happiness.

Finally share it with you

Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy process.

Women and babies are inherently wisdom needed for childbirth.

At birth, babies are conscious and sensitive, and they should be recognized and treated like this.

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