After pregnancy, for the healthy development of the baby, you must not use these five things!

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Two days ago, a pregnant mother who was pregnant with twins sent a message and told me that there are really a lot of mosquitoes in summer, and I have some mosquito coils to fall asleep every night.? "She said:" The old man at home said that he couldn’t move anything when he was pregnant, and he didn’t dare to hang up mosquito nets. What’s wrong? "I was really speechless:" Hurry up the mosquito nets, do not use mosquito coils in the future.good."

If you want to sleep well during pregnancy, you must use mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes

Although some customs can be listened, compared to the use of mosquito nets or mosquito coils to choose anti -mosquito, Xiaobian feels that it is necessary to follow the security method. After all, the customs do not follow much, but the consequences caused by the wrong things are serious.During pregnancy, you need to pay attention to the use of many daily necessities, because these chemicals are likely to affect the development of the baby. If you have these things in your family, you can quickly throw them away.

As soon as the summer arrives, the mosquito is really overflowing, and sometimes it is very troublesome, so mosquito coils and pesticides have become darlings.If you carefully look at their instructions, you will find that the batch number of all products is a pesticide series, including trace anesthesia and poisons that effectively suppress mosquito breeding.Mosquito coils have a small amount of harm to the human body, and spaces need to be closed when used, affecting air circulation, so pregnant women should avoid it. Once you do n’t care, it will affect the development of the baby, causing malformations or abortion.

The correct method of preventing mosquitoes in pregnant women should use physical methods: mosquito nets or electric mosquitoes.Anyone who claims to be a pregnant woman is dedicated, because those chemicals must be included to effectively kill mosquitoes.

In the summer, the pregnant mother will be more afraid of heat because she is pregnant, so there may be odor on her body. In order to prevent the odor from spraying perfume on her body, this method is wrong.Because the perfume contains many unknown chemical ingredients, and there are essential oils, these are important factors that cause fetal malformations. Do not use it.With the same air fresh agent.

In order to prevent the odor on her body, pregnant women should take a bath frequently. There is no other way, but the bathing process pays attention to safety.

Many pregnant women do n’t sleep well in the late pregnancy, so they like to have aromatherapy lamps to help sleep, because they can soothe emotions and calm their soothe.However, the aromatherapy lamp needs to be used with essential oils. Generally, essential oils contain musk, and the quality of aromatherapy in China is different. It is difficult to determine which ingredients contain.Try not to use it to avoid abortion.

If you do n’t sleep well during pregnancy, you can only find a suitable way yourself.Pay special attention to the circulation of air.

There are many taboos in pregnant women

Some pregnant mothers look forward to the appearance of the baby when they are pregnant. When preparing for the baby room, they will prepare to refresh the room. The paint on the market contains a large amount of mercury, lead, formaldehyde chemical ingredients.EssenceIf you really want to decorate the baby room, you must move out for a while, and the disperse flavors can only live in at least half a year.

If you want to prepare for a baby room, you must prepare in advance. After brushing, throw the paint away. The smell of the pregnant woman when it smells more can cause fetal malformations.

Smoking is harmful and healthy, let alone second -hand smoke.There is nothing to explain about this. Communicate with your family, and quit smoking as soon as possible for the healthy development of your baby.

Scientific parenting is the most reliable, I wish you a good pregnancy.

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