After pregnancy, have you entered the pit?

The baby is the crystallization of parents’ love. The continuation of life. After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers become careful, for fear that doing something is not good for the baby.

Some people heard that radiation can cause fetal malformations, so when they were found to be pregnant, many mothers bought radiation protection uniforms.

Some people heard that the stretch marks could not go back, so many mothers started to apply stretch marks on the stomach early.

Some people say that buying a fetal heart can hear the baby’s heartbeat, so the fetal heartfelt is also arranged.

But is it necessary to buy these "specialty products"?How many more you bought?

Radiation suit

Radiation does affect our body. Healthy clothing can cause mutations in human cells, and it will also affect the growth of the fetus for the fetus and cause the fetus to malformation. Therefore, many expectant mothers wear radiation protection clothes early.The principle is to block ionizing radiation.

But we live in an environment full of radiation, mobile phones, computers, laptops, chargers, printers, induction cookers, these are radiation, but most of the radiation is very weak, so it will not affect health.Not to mention any impact on the fetus.

Products with anti -stretch marks

For many beautiful women, it is really a terrible thing if it is covered with stretch marks on the stomach.And once stretch marks grow, it will not disappear. In fact, the emergence of stretch marks is related to many reasons. For example, the fetus is too large, the skin elasticity of the pregnant mother, dry skin, etc., which will lead to the emergence of stretch marks.Essence

The products of these products are basically useless to eliminate stretch marks, but if the stretch marks have not been applied before, it can play a certain prevention effect.

Fetal heart monitor

Many expectant mothers also buy fetal heart rituals when they are pregnant. In this case, they can monitor the fetal heart condition of the fetus and better understand the health of the baby. In fact, the fetal heart detector is not a necessity during pregnancy. Many people are many people. Many peopleAfter buying it a few times, it will be idle, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

The heart rate of the fetus is affected by many factors. For example, the emotional health of expectant mothers, the environment will cause the fetal heart to fluctuate. If the fetal heart appears abnormal, it will cause the expectant mothers to be too nervous and affect the emotions of pregnant mothers.

Skin care products for pregnant women

Many women will throw away many of the previous skin care products after pregnancy and buy skin care products for pregnant women. However, due to the sharp changes in the level of hormones in the female body, it is easy to occur after pregnancy.It is normal, and it is not avoided by using skin care products for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers also have to do the care of the skin. For example, she usually pays attention to hydrating and is also fine.

If you are pregnant, you must be more cautious. You should also consider the safety of the fetus for yourself, but you do n’t have to be too “careful”. Usually and relaxing your mood is more good for the development of the fetus.

After pregnancy, what kind of "pregnancy specialty" have you bought?High use efficiency, do you think it is necessary to buy?Come and leave a message to talk about your views.

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