After pregnancy, her husband was said to be "hypocritical", and his wife came up with a trick.

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Moms, do you remember the situation when you are pregnant?If you are a expectant mother, how do you feel during pregnancy?What about the other half around you?

It is said that women are "ten months of queen, princess of one month". These ten months refer to the October pregnancy period.

Women will feel all kinds of discomfort during pregnancy, and at this time they are very expected to get the care and consideration of her husband.In fact, many husbands do it in place. Whether it is his wife always lost his temper, or if he wants to do this, it is better to cooperate.But in my heart, I may inevitably slander.But some men are a little too much, and they have slandered this belly on the bright side.

Some time ago, a mother -in -law was inconvenient because she was pregnant. She wanted her husband to help her feet and cut her nails. At the same time, she complained that she could not sleep well at night.Husband didn’t hold back it for a while, and said, "It’s not a big deal, you can’t do it yourself?"

The wife was obviously angry. Afterwards, although the husband apologized, it showed that it was just his own complaint. You can see the attitude of her husband, and the wife’s heart is awkward.Later, in order to make her husband feel the hardships of her, she came up with a trick. She didn’t expect that after a long time, her husband asked for mercy and said that she was wrong. Women during pregnancy were not easy.

What is the trick?It turned out that the wife asked her husband to buy a 20 -pound large watermelon, and then tied to the belly as a "pregnant woman" with a transparent tape.

Men are "pregnant women", and the life is not good

Sure enough, after tied to watermelon, the man was stunned, and his walking was not very stable.With this big belly, the man imitated his wife and walked around at home. He yelled and yelled for a while.When you are tired, sit down and rest, but sit on the sofa, there is such a "cumbersome" on the stomach, it is uncomfortable to sit.

After lunch, when the lunch break, the man wants to go to sleep for a lunch, and the sleep time will pass faster.Whoever has such a big belly is so uncomfortable to sleep.

Lie on the left?I always want to band the right; lying on the right side?I always want to deviate from left again.Lying lying is impossible, and you have to support your stomach.He lay like this for a while, and he was uncomfortable. He finally understood why his wife always said that he couldn’t sleep well.

Later, he carried a big belly to wash and wash the dishes. All kinds of inconvenience made him crash. In the end, he had to ask for mercy and told his wife that "I was wrong, I know you are not easy."

What changes will happen to women’s bodies during pregnancy?

In fact, women who are pregnant will know that what the husband experiences is only one -tenth of women’s inconvenience during pregnancy.

The inconvenience during pregnancy is not just an increase in belly and inconvenience.Because of the changes in body hormones, heart hormones will burn heart, vomit, and have no appetite for dinner in the first three months of pregnancy; the middle will cause back pain due to calcium deficiency or other reasons, and the emotions will be ups and downs.Because the uterine increases the bladder, there will be frequent urination. Some people may also separate the pubic bone, which will cause abnormal pain in the pelvis and thighs. Not to mention walking, even lying on the bed pain.And throughout pregnancy, the quality of sleep in pregnant women is very problematic. The emotions are out of control and collapse during the day. Many of them are caused by not sleeping at night and irritable.

If you want to be a qualified and considerate husband, you must not only have the concept of "women during pregnancy", but also understand the physical changes that the wife may face during the pregnancy during pregnancy.This can soothe people.If you can know some relief techniques, help his wife massage the back and cut the nails to wash your feet when necessary, the relationship between the couple will be better.

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