After pregnancy, not only the stomach will become larger, there will be different changes in these places in the body of the pregnant mother.

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Bringing life is a magical and sacred process. After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the body will continue to change with the increase in the month. Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time have no experience. Seeing that their physical changes may be different from others.Start all kinds of worries, for fear of the child in the stomach.

In fact, everyone’s arms are different. As long as the pregnant mothers need to check on time, pay attention to the health during pregnancy, the baby will not have problems.However, it is recommended that pregnant mothers learn in advance to understand what changes will be changed during pregnancy, so as not to worry when they have not encountered something.

What are the changes in women’s bodies after pregnancy?

Generally, about 42 days of pregnancy, most pregnant women will be nauseous and vomit, without appetite, and will be drowsiness and spirit at 2-3 months.

The three months before pregnancy belong to the early pregnancy, and the stomach generally changes greatly during this period, and the weight will not increase.If the pregnancy reaction is fierce, it will cause weight loss, but the chest will become larger and prepare for future breastfeeding.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers can wear their usual clothes and do not see pregnancy alone from the appearance.However, at this time, the fetus is not stable and easy to abortion. Pregnant mothers must pay attention not to move heavy objects, do not overwhelm it, and rest in bed to ensure sufficient sleep.

The second trimester is 4-7 months of pregnancy. It is a relatively comfortable stage. The pregnancy vomiting has basically disappeared, and the appetite of pregnant mothers is much better.

Generally, at 4 months of pregnancy, the belly will gradually grow bigger. Others can see that it is a pregnant woman. Some pregnant mothers have a lot of "hairy" on the belly, and the underarm and belly will turn black.These are caused by changes in hormone levels in the body, and they generally subscribe by themselves after the production, so don’t worry too much.

Other skin on the face of pregnant women will become better or worse, which is also caused by hormone changes. It is rumored that "the mother’s skin becomes a girl and the boy is worse."The gender will not affect the mother’s skin.

There is a particularly important change in the second trimester, that is, you can feel the baby’s fetal movement.

Many pregnant mothers can feel that the baby is moving after 16 weeks. Over time, the fetal movement is becoming more and more frequent, and the baby’s strength is getting greater and greater. Pregnant mothers can judge whether the baby is safe through several fetal movements.

During this period, pregnant mothers will increase by 5-7 kg, the stomach is not too large, and the action is relatively flexible. In order to go smoothly in the future, pregnant mothers can do more exercise.Many important check -ups are completed in the second trimester. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to on -time check -up, and iron and calcium supplementation under the guidance of a doctor.During the third trimester, various discomforts came, and the belly became much larger. Pregnant mothers often felt chest tightness and shortness of breath, and frequent urination became normal.After sitting for a long time, the legs and feet will be swollen, and there will be cramps in the calf at night.Some pregnant mothers will protrude from the navel eyes. When they sleep at night, they feel uncomfortable to sleep, and even have pubic bone pain to doubt life, and so on.

All in all, the darkness before dawn is the darkness before dawn.

At this time, when the output period is approaching, the pregnant mother is both nervous and excited. Be sure to pay close attention to your physical changes, understand the symptoms of water breaking in advance and precautions during production, prepare for the birth package, obey the doctor’s arrangement, and do a good job of checking.

Many prospective dads have complained that since his wife has a temper after pregnancy, he can see it every day and one day. He can take a little things for half an hour. Without the previous gentle and considerate, it is a bit more overbearing.

In fact, the prospective dad should not have too much complaining. Due to the changes in progesterone, the pregnant mother will inevitably fluctuate greatly. For the health of his wife and children, it is still obedient during pregnancy to influence the pregnant mother with love and tolerance.The better the mood of the pregnant mothers, the problem of depression does not exist. The more she loves the baby after birth. What is the grievance of the prospective dad?

In October, every mother must experience it. The ten -month difficulty in exchange for a healthy and lovely child. I believe that every pregnant mother is looking forward to it.I hope that expectant mothers learn more about pregnancy, do more prenatal education, and do everything ready to welcome the baby’s arrival!

【Warm Anthology】

"October, give birth to birth"

Each pregnant mother is going to the delivery room with nervousness and fears and expectations. At this time, the greetings and care of the people on the pillow are very large.She spent her postpartum depression.

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