After pregnancy, should it be prohibited from driving on the road?

Wan Qing has been pregnant for 7 months, but she didn’t dare to delay at all. Every day, she was the same as before. She had to drive a big belly and drove to a company at tens of kilometers away. Although she drove a car for nearly an hour every dayIt also made Wanqing a bit unbearable, but I wanted to avoid the trouble of catching the subway and bus every day. Wan Qing still drove to work every day with a hard scalp. Finally, the accident happened on this day …

After pregnancy, the various unstable factors of pregnant women have increased and become hidden dangers of transportation. However, as an adult, pregnant women also have the right to choose a travel method.So in the face of public security and personal rights, should we consider recovering the right of women to drive motor vehicles during pregnancy?

Fange: It should be recovered by women’s right to driving during pregnancy

1. The sudden situation of traffic will increase the damage to pregnant women and fetuses

When driving a motor vehicle, the driver will inevitably encounter a sudden braking. In addition, many people cannot tie the seat belt correctly during pregnancy, and even in order to facilitate some pregnant women to simply do not tie the seat belt.In a small accident, the abdomen of pregnant women is squeezed, causing abortion or water breaking in pregnant women, aggravating the loss of the accident, and easily causing unnecessary accident disputes.

2. Increased factors for pregnant women are more likely to cause traffic accidents

Pregnant women are relatively unstable during pregnancy. Driving can easily cause tension and anxiety, and react slowly during driving pregnancy, and the chance of accidents is greater.If pregnant women have unexpected accidents during driving or caused improper operations due to emotion, they will easily cause traffic accidents and threaten driving safety of other drivers.

3. The internal environment of the car may cause harm to pregnant women

Pregnant women themselves are particularly sensitive to the environment and temperature, and the internal conditions of the car may also cause damage to pregnant women.In the hot summer, due to the high body temperature and weak constitution of the pregnant woman themselves, if the air conditioner is not turned on, the temperature in the car is too high, it will easily cause heat stroke for pregnant women.Accidents are not good for pregnant women and fetuses.And if the pregnant woman drives a new car, the lack of the car leather is very heavy, the air pollution is serious, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and infants.

Anti -prescription: Pregnant women should enjoy driving rights like normal people

1. Pregnant women are more likely to occur in subways and buses.

If a pregnant woman driving is prone to accidents by themselves, it is easier for pregnant women to take public transportation such as subway and bus. There are many people in subways and buses, poor air quality, easy to spread infectious diseases.And more prone to accidents.

2. Pregnant women have all the abilities of driving motor vehicles

Although pregnant women have affected driving ability, most pregnant women still have the conditions for driving, and they can be competent for driving. There is no reason to take the driving right of a driver who can complete the driver operation.

3. The number of pregnant women driving is limited and difficult to define

During pregnancy, the number of pregnant women who dare to drive the motor vehicle on the road are very limited, and it is difficult to detect whether the driver is pregnant.Besides, the pregnancy time is different, and it is not necessary to generalize between pregnant women. Can pregnant women who are pregnant for two months and pregnant women who are pregnant for 9 months?

In short, no matter which side of the view is, it is based on the safety of pregnant women, but it seems that everyone has their own views on the topic of whether pregnant women are on the road. So what is your point of view?What are the reasons for you to support this view?You can speak enthusiastically.

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