After pregnancy, the evolution of the stomach of the pregnant mother may wish to compare themselves

After women are pregnant, they can sometimes feel that the baby in the belly is slowly changing. This process may make female friends feel very wonderful and full of happiness.In this process, pregnant mothers may need to experience some pain, especially as the baby grows up, the various reactions on the pregnant mother will become more and more obvious.Let’s take a look today!

After pregnancy, the evolution of the stomach of the pregnant mother may wish to compare themselves

By pregnancy, the fetus has "enables"

When a woman first started about the first month of pregnancy, the size of the uterus of the pregnant mother was basically not particularly changed compared to before pregnancy.The uterine wall becomes softer and thickened. It seems that the size of eggs. At this time, hormones secreted in the body of the pregnant mother will also be unbalanced. The relatively sensitive pregnant mothers will also have early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

12 weeks of pregnancy, an increase in uterus to compress the bladder

About three months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s uterus looks like a grapefruit size.With the gradual growth of the baby in the abdomen, the pubic bone may touch the uterus in combination, compressing the bladder and rectum, the bladder capacity is relatively reduced, and the frequent urination phenomenon is more serious, and there will always be unruly urine.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus increases the internal organs

About 5 months of pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant mothers may gradually increase, and squeezing to the abdomen causes the woman’s uterus outward.Bloating.Pregnant mothers may feel about 1.8 cm below the navel, which can easily touch their uterus.

About 6 months of pregnancy, the uterus has reached 8 cm above the navel. At this time, the uterus quickly squeezes upwards, and the internal organs will have symptoms such as dyspnea to the pregnant mother’s chest.At this stage, the pregnant mother can also choose the sleeping posture of the left side.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is severely compressed to the pelvic cavity, and the background of the lower body is blocked

When a woman is pregnant for about 7 months, the abdomen of the pregnant mother looks more obvious, and the bottom of the uterus will continue to rise, and the height of the uterus will reach 24 to 26 cm.At this time, the pregnant mother’s weight increases, and it may reach about 500 grams per week. The uterus increases. It will be more serious for pelvic compression, and the return speed of the lower limbs will also be hindered.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus occupied the abdominal cavity, compressing stomach, diaphragm, and heart

Female friends are about 9 months pregnant, and the uterus may occupy the entire abdominal cavity, which directly compresses the stomach and heart, etc. It can easily cause bloating or loss of appetite.And other issues.

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