After pregnancy, the level of progesterone is low, will it definitely cause abortion?Many pregnant mothers are caught in a misunderstanding

Women who are pregnant generally pay more attention to the health problems of the fetus, so they never have every examination that need to be done during pregnancy, and the indicators of the test results will be thoroughly studied.Among the many indicators, progesterone is one of the indicators to test whether the fetus can develop normally, and it is also an important substance required for pregnant women.Cause adverse effects.Speaking of which, everyone may be curious about what progesterone is, and then make a brief introduction to the progesterone.

Welon is also known as progesterone. It is a major progesterone secreted by the ovaries. Its main function is to protect women’s endometrium and support the early growth and development of the fetus.Under normal circumstances, the progesterone value of women after pregnancy will rise to about 25ng/ml per day. Below this value is a category of "low progesterone".In life, whenever the pregnant mothers are told by the doctor that they are "low progesterone", everyone will feel very nervous, and even reduce the risk of miscarriage by protecting tires. Some relevant experts say that this approach is unscientific.Let me share some experts:

1. Low progesterone value of pregnant mothers may not have a miscarriage

Many people think that low progesterone value will increase the risk of abortion of pregnant mothers. In fact, this statement is wrong. Low the hyperactive ketone value of pregnant mothers may not necessarily cause abortion of pregnant mothers.Because the level of progesterone levels is mainly determined by the stimulation of embryo secretion of hormone, and the decrease in progesterone levels is the result of the problem of embryo development. Popularly is that the embryonic development determines the elevation of the progesterone.It is not the level of progesterone value that leads to the good or bad of embryonic development.And in general, when the progesterone value is low, there are no symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, and pregnant mothers need to worry about it.

2. There is no scientific basis for supplementing progesterone prevention abortion

People have a psychology that lacks, so whenever the pregnant mothers have low progesterone value, etc., the progesterone value is adopted by eating progesterone. In fact, this approach is wrong.Although theoretically speaking, the lack of progesterone in the mother can maintain the fetus to childbirth by intake of progesterone, but the World Health Organization has made it clear that the treatment of progesterone does not prevent the abort of early to mid -term. Both pregnant mothers eat progesterone.Preventing abortion does not work.

3. When the progesterone value is low, pregnant mothers should do this

As mentioned earlier, low progesterone value does not necessarily cause abortion, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry when checking the progesterone value is low. It only needs to rest, avoid excessive tension, and properly supplement some nutrients to maintain health and maintain physical health.Yes, there is no need to take drugs such as progesterone.Of course, in addition to the physical requirements of the pregnant mother, you also need to pay attention to the living environment of the pregnant mother. Some pregnant mothers may have the habit of smoking and drinking, and the inhalation of second -hand smoke will also affect the development of the fetus.The chance of abortion, so during pregnancy, the family of pregnant mothers also needs to restrain herself and create a good and healthy living environment for pregnant mothers.

Finally, give you some advice. Women must pay attention to their physical changes during pregnancy. If they are unwell, go to the hospital for treatment in time and use scientific methods to care for children’s healthy growth.

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