After pregnancy, the progesterone value and HCG value control table, may wish to see

I believe that in our surroundings, especially for female friends, we often hear the two words of progesterone and HCG.Especially after pregnancy, these two values also doctors also as important criteria for reference baby to develop normally.And we know that after pregnancy, after pregnancy, the progesterone content and HCG value in the body will change, especially HCG will double.After pregnancy, the progesterone value of the body and the HCG value are controlled, so see it.

After pregnancy, the progesterone value and HCG value control table, may wish to see

Welon is a kind of progesterone secreted by women’s ovaries, and the progesterone in the body after pregnancy is also an important substance used to maintain pregnancy progesterone.Under normal circumstances, after pregnancy, the progesterone value in the body will increase.HCG is an important substance that reflects pregnancy.After pregnancy, we can judge the pregnancy cycle based on the progesterone or HCG value.

In general, on the 6th day after the formation of fertilized eggs, the nourishing layer of fertilized eggs will be formed, and a trace amount of HCG will be secreted.When the fertilization is 7 to 8 days, after the fertilized eggs are bed, HCG can be detected in the blood, and the concentration will increase with the increase of the gestational week.The amount of the amount of nourishing cells is directly proportional, especially in the early pregnancy secretion, which increases rapidly. By 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, it will reach the peak. When it lasts 1 to 2 weeks, it will quickly decrease to 10%of the peak.Therefore, it is difficult to use the result of a single HCG to determine whether there is a threatened abortion or anotonic pregnancy.

For female friends, during normal pregnancy, the serum HCG value is directly related to the number of pregnancy weeks, and different gestational weeks and HCG values are also different, and they will show positive increasing changes.1-2 weeks of pregnancy, HCG refers to 50-500; and 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 100-5000; 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 500-10000;50,000; 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 10000-100,000; 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 15000-200,000, pregnancy 2- March, HCG value is 10000-100000.

The level of progesterone is related to the ending of early pregnancy. If the content of progesterone in the body is low, it will not only easily cause embryo to stop, but also cause female friends to have a threatened abortion.If in the early stages of pregnancy, female friends have a progesterone content of 15-25ng/ml, then it is generally intrauterine pregnancy, but it is prone to signs of threatened abortion during this period.If progesterone is greater than 25ng/ml, many of them are normal pregnancy in the palace.Therefore, female friends should observe the progesterone content in the body in time after pregnancy. It has certain help for him. Generally, female friends will continue to be pregnant after giving supplementing luteal function.

In summary, changes in the amount of progesterone in the body after pregnancy are a reliable standard that measures the normal functional function and whether the placental development is normal. If the HCG level is stable in the early pregnancy, there is no need to monitor continuous monitoring.And the double level of HCG in the blood is also an important manifestation of female friends after pregnancy.The above is the relevant small knowledge about the comparison table of progesterone and HCG values that I shared with you today. Thank you for your reading and wishing you a happy life.

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