After pregnancy, the stomach is uncomfortable. Do you want menstruation?Fear

Doctor, I have only been pregnant for more than 40 days, but I always feel that my stomach is uncomfortable. I feel like I have menstruation. What is going on?Is it to have a miscarriage?

Under normal circumstances, there should be no great discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy, but most of the situations you mentioned appear on this kind of woman who is too nervous and infertility for many years.Due to the fear of the experience of pregnancy in the past, or the fear of infertility, it has caused excessive attention to the current pregnancy, so that the symptoms of some physicalization are excessively sensitive or expanded.Essence

In addition, after pregnancy, the uterus will change. It is gradually growing up. In this process, he may be pulled by various ligaments, which can easily cause it for a while.I feel that there is a root line.

In addition, after pregnancy, due to the increase of the uterus, compressing the rectum, or using luteum -like drugs, it will cause slow bowel movements and dry stools. This situation may also increase the discomfort due to constipation.It is the same menstruation.

What I can think of is this. In fact, these situations should not be tight, and the corresponding countermeasures are.

If you have discomfort, you can temporarily observe that if such uncomfortable symptoms gradually increase, and there are fixed pain points, you must go to a doctor.

If there was a bad history of pregnancy in the past, for example, there are many abortion, there are embryos, and there are biochemical pregnancy, then you should go to the hospital to protect the fetus appropriately after pregnancy.

Because of excessive mental tension, it can cause a kind of anxiety or depression.This emotion can cause endocrine abnormalities, and the safety of embryos is not a good phenomenon.Try to avoid.

If you are pregnant for 40 days, you can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound if it is not suitable. At this time, you should see the intrauterine pregnancy sac. If you can see that the pregnancy sac can roughly eliminate ectopic pregnancy.The next check node is to do B -ultrasound to see the fetal heart at 50 days of pregnancy.

In the end, pregnancy is a good thing, enjoy the current fun of pregnancy, don’t think about bad things, what happened to what happened, isn’t there so many doctors waiting for you.

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