After pregnancy, these two parts can be cut and cut, which can not only maintain health, but also avoid trouble and embarrassment.

During pregnancy, women may change a lot of changes. For example, the hair of pregnant women may be very long, which is very troublesome to daily activities.Therefore, if you are preparing for a child, it is best to trim and trim the two parts of the body in advance for pregnant women, otherwise it may cause a lot of trouble to future pregnancy.Which two parts need to be trimmed?

1. Pregnant women’s hair

For women, they generally like to leave long hair, and even some long hair grow to the place of the ass, but if such hair often generates static electricity in winter, it looks directly sticking to the back, which is very ugly.Although in the eyes of many men, long hair is a kind of beauty, but if you are pregnant, it is best not to leave long hair.

Trouble: When the fetus grows slowly, the action of pregnant women will become more and more difficult, and shampooing will also be very troublesome. After drying, it will also increase the chance of a cold.And when the child is breastfeeding, the hair may fall on the bed or on the ground. If the baby swallows, it may be dangerous.

2. Pregnant mother’s nails

In fact, teachers have educated us to wash their hands frequently, and nails should be trimmed frequently. In fact, these are reasonable.Because the hands are often exposed to the outside, they often come into contact with various bacteria and viruses. The nail seam is also the best place produced by these germs. Therefore, it is best to trim it if you are pregnant.

Trouble: If it hurts very much when producing, it may be directly held by others directly. If the nails are long, it will make others very painful, and it will be quite embarrassed.And once you have a child, if your nails are too long, it is easy to scrape your baby’s skin.

Summary: Therefore, whether it is a pregnant woman or a baby who has just given birth to a baby, it is best to trim more in the above two parts. This not only looks more hygienic, but also brings more convenience to life.

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