After pregnancy, these weeks are the high incidence period of "fetal stopping".

After pregnancy, my mother saw the baby growing up a day in her belly.But not every mother can wait until the baby’s arrival, many factors in the outside world may cause various problems in the fetus. The most distressing thing is "fetal stopping".Tiger stopping is the development of embryonic development to a certain stage, showing signs of death or stopping development. For this situation, it is believed that every mother is difficult to accept.So when is the high incidence of fetal stopping?How should pregnant mothers prevent?

"Tire stop" high incidence period

Everyone knows that the entire pregnancy is divided into three stages: morning, middle and late, and the probability of fetal stopping in each stage is different, but relatively speaking, the most dangerous time in the fetus is in the early stage of pregnancy.Especially between 5 and 12 weeks of pregnancy, this is the peak period for the fetus to stop developing.Because this is the rapid stage of differentiation and division of fetal cells, all organs have begun to develop, but the development of the fetus is unstable, and it is more likely to be affected by the outside world.

How to prevent fetal stopping

Stay away from the radiation environment

Now there are more and more electronic products such as mobile phones and computers. Many mothers are boring after pregnancy. They hold their mobile phones every day. Although the radiation of these products is small, it does not mean not.Three months before pregnancy, embryo development is unstable. If the pregnant mother often exposes electromagnetic radiation, it is likely to cause embryonic to stop developing.For the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must keep themselves away from these radiation environments. If they have to use their mobile phones, the mother should take radiation protection measures in advance.Mom can wear a special radiation protection suit during pregnancy, with 100%silver fiber in double layers, double -layer anti -radiation effects, from the root cause of "belly" to radiate, and take care of the whole process for 24 hours.And many times of water washing does not affect the anti -radiation effect, letting you put it on production.

Pay attention to living habits

Many mothers also like to wear high heels, tights or makeup. These methods are not good for the health of the fetus, so these bad habits must be eliminated during pregnancy.Especially in dressing, it should be loose and comfortable, so that it will not strangle to the fetus.It is recommended that mothers wear high -waisted high -waisted belly pants, which can not only effectively care for pregnancy and vomiting, but also reduce the pressure of the fetus to the spine, making it easier to get pregnant during pregnancy.

Balanced diet nutrition

After pregnancy, because of the impact of hormones in the body, the mother’s diet taste will change, and with the reaction of pregnancy, it is easy to develop a picky and partial food.However, in the early stages of pregnancy, when the embryo develops rapidly, the mother needs a lot of sufficient nutrition. If the nutrition is lacking, it will definitely affect the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, mothers must ensure a balanced diet during pregnancy. If they are serious, they can eat less food.

The health of the fetus during pregnancy is inseparable from the mother, so do not do things that affect the health of the fetus, especially in the early pregnancy, pay special attention to the above three things.

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