After sexual life, why do female breasts sore?Girls don’t take it anymore

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Breast health is very important for everyone. You must protect your breast health not only plays an important role in fertility and breastfeeding, but also a symbol of beautiful and sexy women.

However, many women often perform some behaviors that endanger breasts. As everyone knows, this is not only unfavorable to breast development, and it is not good for women’s physical development. It is recommended that women take corresponding protection measures and take care of themselves.In addition, some women have breast tenderness after sex, which causes this situation?May wish to find out!

1. Breastfeeding function

Female breasts are organs that produce and secrete milk, and breastfeeding is the most basic function of breasts.Women entering the sexual maturity period will increase, congestive, and hyperplasia every time they ovulate.

If you are pregnant, the breast will continue to grow and produce more leaflets to adapt to future breastfeeding.Breast glands and ducts begin to develop under the action of endocrine hormones. The milk secreted by the prostate flows from the nipples from the nipples through the switching pipe.

2. Section beauty

Women’s breasts are an important symbol of women’s maturity, so when talking about women’s breasts, the first thing we think of is the word sexy, and the breasts of poor development of women are generally ridiculed as "airfields" and so on.Therefore, women’s breasts help reproduce our perfect body shape and show our standard "S -type" beauty.

3. Participate in sexual life

In sexual activities, breasts are the most sensitive organs in addition to women’s genitals.When stroking, caressing, and kissing, breast reactions can be manifested as nipple erection, varicose vein congestion on the surface of the breast, full breasts, and increased. As sexual stimulation increases, this reaction will also be strengthened.

When the orgasm comes, these changes reach the peak and gradually return to normal at the fading period.Therefore, it can be said that breasts occupy an important position in the entire activity.

Accelerate breast blood circulation

Generally speaking, the size of female breasts will change during the whole integrated intercourse. After the desire of women is stimulated, the breast will become strong.When the female is satisfied, the size reaches the maximum, and after the emotion is calm, it will return to normal.

After these changes, the blood circulation of female breasts is very smooth.If the relationship is not harmonious, it will inhibit some existing desires of women.The blood circulation in the breast is not good, and adverse reactions such as swelling and pain will occur.

Reduce the risk of breast cancer

A clinical study at the American Academy of Medicine shows that among patients with breast cancer, the proportion of unmarried women and widowed women with low sexual function is significantly higher than that of other people.

This shows that the risk of breast cancer without normal sexual life and coldness will greatly increase.In this sense, maintaining a harmonious relationship between husband and wife will help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

When he met, Li Xia was buying things in a convenience store, and he happened to be there because he needed some snacks and drinks.When he approached her, she felt that he was a cute boy, and he was attracted by her.

He spoke to her and asked her what she was looking for. They talked for a while and found that they had many things in common, including hobbies and hobbies.They started dating naturally and quickly became a pair of lovers. They often went to convenience stores together, which also became their dating place.

They will buy snacks, beverages and candy here, and taste a variety of food together. This simple and happy life makes them more firm in each other’s feelings.They have been together for several years, and their love is still full of passion and freshness.

They will still shop together in convenience stores and recall the day they meet. For them, this convenience store is not only a place, but also the beginning and witness of their love.Love can be born anywhere, as long as we open our hearts and bravely pursue our happiness.

While they are in love with each other, they often live in the same room. However, recently, Li Xia found that her breasts began to have symptoms of pain, which made her very worried.Li Xia began to find information about breast pain on the Internet and consulted some doctors and friends.

She found that breast tenderness may be caused by multiple causes, such as pre -menstrual syndrome, breast hyperplasia, mastitis, and so on.Li Xia quickly realized that his symptoms were likely to be related to the life of the same room.

She went to the doctor with her boyfriend, and the doctor asked about their situation in the same room and conducted some examinations.In the end, the doctor confirmed that Li Xia’s symptoms were mastitis caused by the life of the same room.

The doctor explained to Li Xia and her boyfriend the cause and treatment of mastitis, and reminded them to pay attention to hygiene and protection in the same room.Li Xia and her boyfriend are very grateful to the doctor’s guidance and suggestions. They decided to pay more attention to hygiene and health in the future life.

Summarize the cause of breast pain in sexual life:

Hormone level changes

After sexual life, chest pain may be caused by emotional excitement, or it may be caused by hormone metabolism disorders before menstruation.Increased estrogen secretion can lead to the hyperplasia of the breast catheter and surrounding connective tissues, enhance the blood circulation of the breast, increase the permeability of the capillaries of the breast tissue too fast, cause water leakage, and cause breast swelling or pain.

Physiological change

In sexual life, breasts are stimulated, nipples become harder and congested, and chest pain may occur.In addition, women who are ovulation and menstruation are coming to menstruation. Due to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels, breast pain is also prone to occur after sexual intercourse.Generally, no treatment is required, it can be observed temporarily. Local hot compresses can be relieved in a few days.

Pathological cause

If the breast tenderness is severe after the same room, and it does not improve within a few days after the same room, you need to go to the hospital for examination to see if there are breast hyperplasia.Patients need to remove breasts, B -ultrasound examination, and even molybdenum targets or nuclear magnetic resonance examinations. They are clearly diagnosed to determine whether it is simple breast hyperplasia or breast tumors.

If you are diagnosed with tumors, patients need biopsy or puncture biopsy to eliminate malignant tumors in the gland.It may also be caused by excessive sexual excitement.It is recommended not to worry, maintain a good mood.

During this time, you must pay attention to try not to be tired. We must maintain good sleep and pay attention to rest.Pain before menstruation is also a normal physiological phenomenon, mainly due to the sharp increase or decrease in endocrine hormone levels.

1. Hot compress

After marriage, you can apply hot breasts. When estrogen stimulates the breast, the breasts will have obvious swelling and pain. If you use hot water bottle or hot towels to apply hot compresses, the pain of this part can be reduced.Because in the process of hot clothes, the blood circulation of the breast can be promoted, the degree of pain can be reduced, and this embarrassment can be avoided.

2. Gently massage

In life, some women will have breast pain after marriage.Because endocrine disorders in the body can cause excessive sex hormone secretion, which stimulates women’s breasts, which causes breast pain.

After marriage, women will have breast pain, most of which are caused by friction during the excitement of men.Therefore, after sexual intercourse, if breast pain, you can relieve pain by gently massage and help women relieve their troubles.

Not only can it promote blood circulation in the chest, but it can also speed up the body’s metabolic function.But it should be noted that you must not be too hard during massage, and the movements should be softer.

Youth Pain

Adolescence is a very good stage, because it is the most dynamic period in our lives.The earliest breast pain in adolescence in adolescence generally occurs at 9-13, that is, the girl’s breasts have begun to develop normally from this time.

During the development of breastfeeding, the nipples first bulge, and the breast tissue under the nipple will appear round hill -shaped hardships with pea to broad bean -sized, accompanied by slight pain.Therefore, if breast pain occurs during adolescence, don’t worry too much, because this is normal during adolescence.

Menstrual breast pain

This is a very common phenomenon. Many women encounter this symptom. Clinically, women will have full breasts, stiffness, and tenderness before menstruation.This is due to the rise in estrogen levels in the predecessor of menstruation, but the hyperplasia of the breast, causing mammary tissue edema.

However, these discomfort symptoms can disappear after menstruation, so it is also known as physiological breast pain, which is normal, and don’t worry too much.


After women’s abortion often has symptoms of breast pain, this is because artificial abortion suddenly interrupted pregnancy, causing hormone levels in the body to decrease.

Some women have lumps after miscarriage. These are important causes of breast pain. Female friends must pay special attention to it. After such symptoms, they should be checked in time.

high pressure

Is stress related to breasts?It is said that most of the friends with breast pain around them are caused by greater pressure.For example, if you are often nervous and anxious because of work, your friends are prone to short -lived breast pain, but this pain will disappear by itself and do not need to be treated.

1. Underwear with the right size can change the size of the chest

Select the right bra for your breasts to better support your breasts.Too tight underwear will affect local blood flow and induce breast hyperplasia. Too loose underwear can cause breast sagging.Be sure to choose a regular underwear store to try on, and feel very comfortable before buying.

In addition, adult women over 20 years of age should regularly go to the hospital for breast ultrasound or molybdenum target examination, which can screen disease -related diseases.

2. Good living habits

Do a good job of breast protection in daily life to avoid direct trauma.Pay attention to avoid foods that have been eating sweet, high -fat, and high -protein for a long time, avoid spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent obesity.

In addition, we must also have a regular life, maintain a comfortable mood, and develop good exercise habits.Also pay attention to the cleaning of the breast, especially women who are inherent in nipples should pay attention to regular cleaning to avoid local breeding bacteria and dirt.

3. Keep a pleasant mood

Most women suffering from breast cancer in daily life are mostly irritable.They love to lose their temper and get angry all day because of trivial matters.And it takes a long time to get angry, and sometimes he is angry with anger, and his neck is rising.If you want to stay away from breast cancer, women must maintain a happy mood. Don’t worry too much, learn generosity, and get angry.

4. Correction of bad habits

In daily life, women should pay attention to avoid squeezing breasts.When the breast is squeezed by external force, the soft tissue inside the breast is easily crushed.After a long time, the shape of the breast will change, and even the breast will sag.

Also pay attention to the choice of the bra. Do not choose the bras that are too tight for the beauty. You must choose the elasticity and moderate size, especially the lactating women. The appropriate bra will have a better improvement effect and prevent breast sagging.

5. Diet conditioning

Women should eat more beans to maintain breasts. This kind of food is good for breasts, especially soybeans are good for breasts.Soy beans contain isoflavones, which can reduce estrogen levels and reduce breast discomfort. Excessive estrogen can damage breasts, stimulating can easily cause breast disease.

For women, soy products should be eaten frequently. It is very effective in maintaining breasts. Soy products can also nourish women’s uterus and ovaries, and can eat the sea to reduce the incidence of breasts.Experts remind that eating kelp is good for breasts, which can reduce the incidence of breast hyperplasia.

6. Keep your back straight

Women should often check their posture to keep their backs straight, shoulders back, and chest straight, and you will feel that you are getting higher and higher.If you have never straightened your back, it means that you can withstand all the weight of your breast skin.

Then breast skin (contains very little elastic protein, very delicate) is easy to lose elasticity and cause damage to the breast.Straighten your back can not only make your chest look more beautiful, but also effectively prevent your chest from sagging.

Physiological factors can lead to the asymmetry of the breast left and right, especially when the breasts are developed first on the side of the adolescence, they will find that the size of the breasts is different and the height is asymmetric.During a chestnut, the female breasts are soft and nodules. They will find that the chest size on both sides will be moderate.

If you find that the size of the breast is asymmetric, the level of hormones before menstruation is rising.In the process of embryo development, if the primary development of one side of the breast is abnormal, the breasts on both sides will be obviously asymmetric during adolescence, and the side of development will be significantly smaller than the healthy side.

Generally speaking, this situation will not affect marriage, but it will lose the beauty of women’s unique curve.Therefore, after adolescent breast development is complete, prosthetic breast augmentation surgery can be conducted, so that the original flat breasts are as plump as the healthy side and restore women’s grace and self -confidence.

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