After shooting X -rays, I found that I was pregnant. Can this child still ask?

During the company’s medical examination, I took a breasts

The gums were swollen, and a mouthful of oral X -ray films

Little stomach hurts, and takes a belly X -ray again



I found myself pregnant

How can you be neat?IntersectionIntersection

I heard that the children who took X -ray could not ask!

I heard that as long as the X -ray fetus will be deformed

I heard that pregnant women take X -rays to terminate pregnancy

It’s about to induce labor …

This is how to do?

Don’t worry, professional doctors come to tell you

Everyone is familiar with this phrase "disconnecting doses and toxicity is a hooligan."In fact, it is also a hooligan to put aside the dosage of radiation damage.

The impact of ionizing radiation on the baby can be evaluated from two aspects:

The amount of radiation;

The stages of pregnancy are the degree of development of the baby.


The adverse effects of rays on all mammals, cubs, and even embryos, including humans, have a threshold!value!of!

To put it simply, it is not to say that it hurts as soon as it is exposed to radiation.

Regardless of whether it is an adult or a fetus, the radiation must reach a certain degree before it will be damaged.

IAEA of International Atomic Energy Agency:

For the first 2 to 3 weeks of conception, if the embryo absorbs radiation with more than 100mgy, it will cause problems such as natural abortion.

For the entire pregnancy, if the radiation absorbed by the fetus is less than 100mgy, no pregnancy is needed. Between 100 ~ 500mgy, you can consult a doctor to consider it according to the specific situation.

International Radiation Protection Commission

In the case of the fetal absorption dose below 100 mgy (1GY = 100 Lunqin), that is, 10 Lunqin, the decision to terminate pregnancy based on radiation hazards lacks legitimacy.The vast majority of X -ray inspection in intrauterine irradiation doses and their health hazard levels are safe, and there are few legitimate reasons to terminate pregnancy.

When the dosage in the palace at the 8th to 15th weeks of pregnancy is within the range of 100 to 500mgy (often the therapeutic dosage, which is very rare), you should carefully consider the risk of malformations, slow development, central nervous system injury, and decline in IQ.

In scientific research, it is found that the radiation dose of intellectual impact on the fetus will be between 200mgy ~ 400mgy; ionizing radiation controls below 50mgy, there will be no adverse consequences such as abortion, teratogenic or affecting fetal intelligence.

The above is a professional point of view. Some popular interpretations.

The radiation of X -ray needs to be accumulated to a certain amount to cause the teratogenic. A single X -ray examination of the illumination dose cannot reach the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage.

A large number of clinical evidence in foreign countries shows that early pregnancy (note: here refers to 4 weeks of pregnancy, that is, from the first day of the last day of the last menstrual period, 28 days later) accepts X -rays.There are only two results: the first result is that the baby accepts all adverse effects and naturally abortion; the second result is that the baby is not affected by adversely, and naturally grows normally.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the X -ray irradiation that is often therapeutic dose can easily lead to fetal malformations. Nevertheless, clinically doctors are also very cautious about the X -ray examination of this period. Try to reduce unnecessary X -ray examinations, but it does not mean that during pregnancy, it does not mean that during pregnancy, it does not mean that during pregnancyYou must not do an X -ray examination, just to minimize the possibility of teratogenic.

How much is the radiation of CT, X -rays, etc. that we usually come into contact with?

In fact, basically it will not exceed 100mgy

Radiation volume and baby’s development level

What is the relationship between the influence that the baby may have at all stages and the amount of radiation?

The fertilized egg is a single cell. If the radiation is particularly fierce, it is almost impossible to produce only a single abnormality. The result is often catastrophic, that is, abortion;

■ The influence of death

This danger generally occurs in the first two weeks before the development of the embryo development.

The report pointed out that the absorption dose below 100mgy rarely causes the effects of embryo death.In addition, the impact of rays on the embryo at this time is all or nothing. If the embryo has a little damage, it will die and abortion. The embryo that can be alive is a good embryo.So scientists vividly call this period "all-or-none period"

■ Cause congenital malformations

3 ~ 6 weeks of conception (5-8 weeks of pregnancy) 7 to 10 weeks (9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy)

When the embryo develops to the organ formation period (3 ~ 8 weeks of conception), if the embryo is damaged by radiation, it may survive, and at this time, it may cause congenital abnormalities (deformity), and the minimum limit absorption dose that can cause embryos to be injured is approximately about dose.It is 100mgy.

■ Central nervous system injury

Embryo development between 8 ~ 25 weeks

For 8 to 25 weeks, the central nervous system of the fetus will begin to be sensitive to radiation.

The report pointed out that clinically, no fetal absorption doses below 100mgy caused intellectual obstacles.But if the dose is greater than 1000mgy, serious intellectual barriers may occur.This impact is usually particularly obvious in the 8th to 15th weeks, and relatively speaking, the impact after 16th week is lower.

■ Leukemia and child cancer

During pregnancy, young children

According to the "International Radiation Protection Commission" No. 84, under the background radiation of the environment, the incidence of child cancer is about 0.3%.Essence

According to the above, generally a typical X -ray examination usually does not exceed 100mgy absorption doses.

Therefore, the "International Radiation Protection Commission" No. 84 reports: "Fetal absorption doses below 100mgy should not be used as a reason to terminate pregnancy."

What happened to the child’s deformed after the X -ray of pregnant women’s chest?

In fact, even if there is no radiation, 4%-6%of newborns have various types of malformations under normal circumstances, but most of them are mild.Children’s deformities are not necessarily the result of diagnostic radiation.

How long can I conceive baby after taking the X line?

Before 4 weeks of pregnancy, X -rays were taken under the situation of unexpected pregnancy. If the embryo was not flowed out of natural abortion, you can consider retaining the baby according to the theory of "all or nothing".However, for couples who are planning to be pregnant and preparing for pregnancy, you can test whether you are pregnant before X -ray, and confirm that you are not pregnant and then take X -rays.

The International Radiation Protection Commission recommends that before pregnancy, it should also have some time not to be irradiated with X -ray. For insurance, the general suggestion is to avoid pregnancy within 3 months after X -rays, including both men and women.However, please note that the three -month statement is only an experienced inference, and there is no evidence of evidence -based medicine, and it is contradictory with some of the previous conclusions before this article. It is only a reference opinion for parents to prepare for pregnant parents.

Pay attention to expectant mothers!IntersectionIntersection

Making ultrasound examination is safe

Ultrasonic uses a sound wave, not ion rays.So far, there have been no reports of fetal damage caused by diagnostic ultrasonic waves, including Doppler ultrasound.Ultrasound during pregnancy is safe, which is why modern obstetrics and gynecology inspections do not use X -ray, but regular ultrasonic.

Magnetic resonance is safe

Magnetic resonance does not use ion rays like ultrasound, but uses magnetic fields to change the energy status of the hydrogen ions in the body.So it will not cause damage to the fetus.Therefore, when the development of the fetal central nervous system needs to be checked or the placenta abnormalities such as the placenta are confirmed, magnetic resonance is the best choice.

However, it should be noted that the risk of MRI radiography to the fetus needs to be further confirmed. It is recommended that the use of use only is significantly greater than the risk.

Give you some suggestions:

First of all, if you are pregnant, or suspect that you are pregnant, tell your doctor.This is not only the X -ray irradiation, but the choice of other medicines will be important.

If you need to do an X -ray examination during your pregnancy, remember to tell your doctor whether you have done similar examinations recently.Maybe this check can be saved.

In short, if you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, please consult a doctor, whether you do any aspects.But there is no need to be unnecessary worry, let alone the reason for flowing.

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