After taking contraceptives and getting pregnant unexpectedly, is it a stream or stay?

At this time last year, my aunt called and said that she was pregnant. I said good things!But she couldn’t get up because she took the emergency contraceptive and was pregnant and worried about the embryo problem. She was unhappy for a few days. She wanted this baby, but she was afraid that the baby would have malformations.

I quickly calm her, and her brother and I were all studying medicine. At least some of her aunt science can dispel some of her concerns.Urgent contraceptives can not have 100 % contraceptive effects. Since the baby is coming, we will open the arms and welcome him.I started to dispel her concerns to her aunt’s popular science knowledge. I told my aunt that the early embryo followed the principle of survival of the fittest, ☑️, that is, the survival of the fittest, and the unwilling person eliminated.In other words, "all or nothing."

You are a contraceptive pill after the same room. At that time, when the eggs and sperm met at the same time, the contraceptives could not stop them, indicating that they were strong enough, and then the fertilized eggs were formed to divide and develop.As long as he stays, he has defeated.

I repeatedly emphasize that she should not worry too much about the baby’s deformity.After listening, the whole mood opened.But I know she must still have a little concern and understand her mood as a mother.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, the aunt did a B -ultrasound early deformed examination. The fetus was very normal. The non -invasive DNA was made in 15 weeks.The heart finally let go.Until her baby was born, he was healthy and healthy!

Therefore, oral drugs or contraceptives without knowing it, do not give up your baby easily as long as you are not disabled during pregnancy. Go to the hospital to obey the advice of obstetricians and gynecologists. Since the baby can survive strongly, it means that the baby itself itself is itselfAdvantages.Don’t worry too much, so as not to affect your mood, good mood is more conducive to fetal growth.

TISP: Pregnant mothers must be checked on time. Do not hold the psychology of leaking a chance of checking a check -up. You must be responsible for yourself and your baby!Balanced nutrition, ensure sufficient sleep, improve resistance, and make you more powerful during pregnancy.Bleak

I am a mother -in -law mother who likes to share the knowledge of mother -to -child parenting science during pregnancy.


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