After taking emergency contraceptives or pregnancy, can children ask?The doctor’s advice is very willing

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Last weekend, she accompanied her girlfriend to the hospital for examination. She said that the holiday was postponed and felt that she was pregnant.I was very happy at the time. After all, her big treasure was eight years old, and it was time to want the second treasure.However, my girlfriend couldn’t get up, and she was crying when she saw her expression. She said, "This fetus is probably no longer. I took an emergency contraceptive." I know that my girlfriend actually wants the second child, but the Bao Bao was small before,They have been busy to buy a house without any way.But now I am pregnant, and this is the result.

So, after taking emergency contraceptives or pregnancy, can children want it?With this question, and to comfort my girlfriend, at that time, I proposed to consult the doctor again, but found that the doctor’s suggestion was very willing, and the situation was not so bad.

Emergency contraceptives will also fail

The doctor told us: "Take this medicine is a large amount of progesterone in the body in the body, thereby inhibiting ovarian ovulation, and changing the viscosity of cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to penetrate and hinder the combination of sperm to achieve the effect of contraception to achieve the effect of contraception. "However, this emergency contraceptive pill is different from conventional contraceptives. It is a remedy afterwards. The accuracy rate of contraception is not 100%, and it has a certain failure rate.

As for the harm to women’s bodies, in addition to the side effects of general dizziness and vomiting, the doctor said that if it is occasionally used, it will generally not cause the menstrual cycle disorders of women.However, if it is used multiple times in the short term, it may cause menstrual cycle disorders and reduce the success rate of contraception.Therefore, doctors suggest that we use emergency contraceptives and use up to once a month, and do not exceed three times a year.

Take emergency contraceptives before pregnancy, which has a small impact on the fetus

Speaking of the teratogenic problems that we are most concerned about, doctors say that the medical community currently has two views on this, but in general, as long as it is taking high safety contraceptives, taking a small impact on the fetus before pregnancy.In addition, taking emergency contraceptives with purely elegant elegance components, the hormone dosage is very small, and generally does not cause adverse effects on the fetus.

Moreover, the WTO of the world’s authoritative institutions has done research and found that whether it is routine or emergency contraceptives, it will hardly cause fetal malformations, which means that it has a small impact on fetal development.Of course, small influence does not mean that there is no impact, or in case of possibility.

Do you want children? There are two cases, but they must be cautious

Therefore, if the child can ask for the medicine, the doctor said in two cases.

The first, first pregnancy, or older, difficult to get pregnant, and if you want this child, you must first clarify the composition of the emergency contraceptives he will take, whether it is among the regular qualified drugs.Then, do n’t miss each row test and conventional examinations from early pregnancy, and do “high specifications” inspection.For example, when the Tang screen is performed, choose non -invasive or amniotic fluid puncture to learn about the most accurate discharge results.

The second type is usually good health, no intended to get pregnant, and taking contraceptives for a long time, you can directly consider not.After all, as a hormone drug, many experts say that many experts say that the deforlation rate of the fetus is low or basically does not have any effect, but as a breeder, he cannot take the child’s healthy adventure.

Therefore, it is recommended that women who fail contraception learn lessons and pay attention to adopting other ways to do a good job of contraception in the future.

Netizens, have you failed to fail?


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