After taking the medicine, can you stay?

In outpatient clinics, I often encounter some patients who are worried about: I have no plan to prepare for pregnancy before, take a childcare contraceptive pill, but the child does not want to give up the parent -child fate; I found that I was pregnant, and I was just happy for a few minutes.I have taken medicine such as colds, fever, diarrhea, allergies and other problems.For these plans, the pregnancy is reluctant to terminate the pregnancy, leave the child to worry about the impact of the drug, and give birth to a baby with defects.

After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant, is the baby stream or stay?Li Qin, deputy chief physician of the prenatal diagnosis department of Qingyuan City People’s Hospital, analyzed several possibilities.

Can the baby stay

Pocked by pregnancy time

Women of childbearing age should not be lucky. When there is no plan to prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended to take contraceptive measures to avoid the occurrence of pregnancy after taking the medicine.But in case you get pregnant unexpectedly after taking the medicine, do not easily abortion because of fear of drugs such as terators. The impact of medication on embryos is closely related to whether it is in sensitive time windows, drug types, dosage dosage, and duration of medication. Depending on the situationDetermined.

2 If it is within 2 weeks after fertilization, that is, within 30 days of the last session, it belongs to "all or no period".At this time, the embryo is highly sensitive to the drug and is easily damaged by the drug. However, because the embryo is still mainly cell division at this stage, the degree of differentiation is not high.Early abortion in death, or the embryo can completely repair the damage and continue to develop without sequelae.In other words, the embryos that survived "all or no periods" basically can grow safely and healthy, and do not worry about fetal malformations, but the premise is that no fetal preservation drugs are used.Deadly embryos are retained.

The third to 12 weeks of the development of embryo development is the sensitive period of the fetus. At this time, the embryo is at the stage of high degree of differentiation, rapid development and formation of various organs. The rapid differentiation and proliferation of cells is easily disturbed and suppressed. The sensitivity to the drug is extremely high.The affected by harmful drugs can cause morphological abnormalities, and improper medication may lead to abortion, congenital malformations or permanent defects.

胎 12 weeks later, it is the stage of fetal growth, organ development, and perfect function. During this period, most systems and organs have formed, and the sensitivity to drugs will be reduced.It is the differentiation, development and hyperplasia of the nervous system. When it reaches the peak in the late pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid the use of drugs that affect these parts.The effect of drugs during this period is mainly to cause limited growth, low birth weight, abnormal functional behavior, premature birth, etc.

Grade 5 classification of pregnancy medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration has different degrees of teratogenic hazards to different degrees of teratogenic hazards based on drugs and humans: A, B, C, D, X levels.

临 The study of clinical control of A -level drugs has proven that the impact on the fetus has a little effect and has no teratogenicity.There are very few types of drugs, such as various vitamins B and C.Vitamin A within the normal range is also listed here, but the daily dose reaches 20,000 IU, which can be deformed into X -type drugs.

物 Grade B drugs are not found to be harmful to the fetus during the use of animal experiments in peacetime, but it has not been studied in pregnant women who have not been in the first three months of pregnancy. The daily antibiotics, such as penicillin, and most cephalosporin drugs, belong to this type.Essence

物 Class C drugs have proved to cause teratogenic or embryonic deaths in animal research, but no clinical control experiments have been sufficient evidence.Most antiviral drugs, such as Ageloviri and Zidov, some antiepileptic drugs and sedatives belong to this. It is recommended to fully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Class B drugs in anti -tuberculosis drugs are only ethylene glycol, and anti -tuberculosis therapy is often combined with digital drugs. Class C drugs such as sodium salicylate and alien cigarettes need to be used. If early pregnancy is combined with tuberculosis.Doctor’s order.

确 Class D drugs have clear evidence that it is harmful to human fetuses. Almost all anti -tumor drugs, sedatives and hypnotic pheashes, chlorozodrazine, norexin, and hydroxyl stability are all listed here.Such drugs can be used as a severe disease that need to save the life of pregnant women or treat other safer drugs.

定 Grade X Drugs have a high teratogenic rate or very harmful to the fetus. The risk of drugs such as pregnant women is significantly greater than the benefits, so it is disabled.There are not many commonly used drugs. For various types of anesthesia reactions such as fever, nodule erythema, neuralgia, joint pain, lymphadenopathy, etc.Aminotrexate is also among them.

It is worth noting that the amount of ethanol is small in the D class D, and the amount of quantity is to be included in Class X. Drinking a lot of alcohol during early pregnancy can make the fetus dysplasia or deformity.

During pregnancy, you must follow the doctor’s advice for medication

Among the congenital defects of newborns, 2%to 3%are caused by drugs, and more than half of the unknown congenital defects are not excluded from the interaction of drugs and diseases.

Women during pregnancy cannot be used by themselves, and no matter what drugs are used under the guidance of a doctor, to avoid irreversible consequences.However, cautious medicine during pregnancy does not mean that the medicine cannot be used, let alone encourage pregnant women to get sick and only carry it.Taking the high body temperature in early pregnancy as an example, it is not only responsible for the health of the mother, but also to avoid causing neonal tube defects and other birth defects.

If you accidentally use a certain type of drug during pregnancy, don’t panic, go to the hospital for examination first. If you are "all or no period", you are not worried about it. It is better to wait for the natural development of the embryo.If it is in a sensitive period, doctors need to comprehensively evaluate from the perspective of pharmacy to give professional suggestions.When applying for a doctor, remember the name of the drug, or bring the medicine to inform the doctor for the medicine, so that the doctor can better judge.

Source: "At the beginning of the Man" magazine author: Peng Kepeng

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